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Monday, 18 June 2012

The invisible worm, Podcast #82 (June 2012)

Everything's turned green. Which must mean ... there is a new podcast ....

(Note: links are only live for around one month. Please leave a comment requesting a re-up after that). 

1: Fonkdongo, Jazz is dead
2: Mad Professor, Cool running Mandela
3: Whip-flourishing ringmaster
4: Penguins, Beyond the pale
5: Stef Ketteringham, I can’t imagine
6: Ahmed Abdullah, We travel the spaceways
7: S.Brinks & Flying Kaniks, When you leave me (Windmill 7/5/12)
8: The Peach Tree, Hard drug abuse
9: Secret writing
10: The Lion, Hojoe
11: Laso Halo, Stanley headbreaker
12: K-Conjog, Untitled 155
13: Marissa Nadler, Apostle
14: Stay+, Eyes
15: Keith & Tex, Tonight
16: Fasenuova, Cuando venga el halcon
17: They return
18: Plee!, The green man
19: Joeyfat, ? (Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, London 5/5/12)
20: Markus Schafer/L’Orfeo Barockorchester, A solis ortu (JC Bach)
21: Silver Jews, Secret knowledge of back roads
22: The invisible worm
23: King Jammy, Jahova (dub)
24: Benji Cossa, Bonafide American dudes
25: Land, Hotel room 


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