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Friday, 10 August 2012

Chaotic lifestyles, Podcast #84 (July 2012)

Your life may be chaotic, but there's always room to listen to podcast #84 .....

(Note: links are live only for a month or so. After that, please leave a request for a re-up).

1: ProletR, Muhammad Ali
2: Austin Leonard Jones, No slow dancing
3: Sheikh Muhammed Mushtaq, Qasidah burdah (extract)
4: DZZ, Nightmares
5: Reykavik, Every day (Windmill, 3/7/12)
6: Chaotic lifestyles
7: Soom T & Disrupt, Puff the police
8: Chris Ibekwe, Ikoro kings special
9: Dress Up As Natives, You had to be there
10: Mitsuru Shimizu, Swim
11: Shepherds, Tears of a clown
12: Michael Evans & David Nuss, fuckin hippie shit
13: Silkworms, Tonight the stars (Windmill, 5/7/12)
14: Carl Dobson & The Liberals, Whoping mama
15: Imports
16: CHLLNGR, Desire (doctor echo dub)
17: Kind Eyes, ? (Old Blue Last, 25/7/12)
18: Famous Blue Diamonds Band, Ma eye me seesee
19: Deathly Dog, Down the drain
20: Gaylettes, Silent river runs deep
21: Alfredo Blessano, ? (Circolo Alessandro Volta, Milan 14/7/12)
22: BOK Darklord, Iced honey
23: Brenda (DC), Manatee
24: The Weekends, (Windmill, 18/7/12)
25: Les Halles, Radioakivit├Ąt, AM radio
26: Brain Fever, You can take the love out of lover
27: EeL, A beloved child (Goodiepal remix)
28: Yeah Yeah Noh, Stealing (Hare & Hounds, Birmingham 7/7/12)

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