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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bring me noise boys

Yes, it's Niluccio On Noise ... on noise! It had to happen. 

Well, these are merely the ill-formed ramblings of my disordered and noise-polluted mind - the rough recordings, the demo tapes. Anyway, as we all know, noise annoys, or has the capacity to. But it's also what it's all about. Decibels, clatter, amp stacks, sirens, feedback. Throw it all in.

But, re noise the genre. Is it my imagination or are there a lot of hardcore/noise/screamo-type bands around at the moment? Lift up any rock and they come teeming out. Hey, I don't mean that pejoratively. I like a lot of this music. In fact I nearly always like it. Up to a point ...

I must admit, though, I do sometimes think the genre's unduly conservative. Three or four youngish men (virtually no women), blasting out metal-tinged rock, those rapid drum-cymbal "bleats", a guy out front growling down the mic, a huddle of fans nodding away in (attempted) beat-synch, and a plethora of hoodies and tattoos among performers and their audiences. An almost cosy, content-with-itself scene.

Noise-y types Black Everest at Hafermarkt, Flensburg, Germany 21/9/12

But, it's also got to be said, the eco-system seems to be a thriving one. There are masses of outfits and new recordings on Bandcamp, and plenty of well-attended gigs. In a word, it seems to be an "indie" scene worthy of the name. I'd personally like to see/hear more variety - different instruments, women, black musicians, bills that aren't so "uniform", some humour - but overall I still reckon it's A Good Thing. A plethora of lively young bands playing, fast, intense, loud and (sometimes) exciting rock music. That's a plus in these dark and dreary times. So I say: bring me noise boys!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Do the Suplex!

One from the archive ... the mighty Atomic Suplex, in Brixton on the satisfyingly digital date of 11/11/11. In one of his typical poses, I can only assume the singer is DOING THE SUPLEX!

Friday, 14 September 2012

They choke animals, Podcast #85 (Aug 2012)

A sizzling new podcast to get your juices flowing....

1: Hammer Of Hathor, Dancing with triangles
2: The Yes Sirs, The rats are here and they’re biting
3: Super Diamond De Dakar, Soweto
4: Fancy cars, fancy villas
5: MFC Chicken, ? (Paper Dress, London 9/8/12)
6: Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, It’s hard, ain’t it hard
7: Squinancywort, It’s a nuisance isn’t it
8: Woollen Kits, Shelley
9: The Royals, Pick up the pieces version
10: Hedgefund, Weltchmertz
11: Texture, Vilnius colony
12: Chilly nights
13: Weird Menace, ? (Old Blue Last, London 8/8/12)
14: Matheus, Shitwaves
15: Tha Silent Partner, Beantown cha cha
16: They choke animals
17: Mutwawa, Skrull eternal
18: Odetta, Chilly winds
19: Prince Far I, Mansion of the mighty
20: Suppression, Cowboys from Yale
21: Sam Egan, None of these songs is copyrighted
22: Frank Fairfield & partner, ? (Taylor Johns, Coventry 24/8/12)
23: Baboon, California dreaming
24: Blue Minkies, Tough punks are square
25: Dave Gerard & The Watchmen, Hesitate
26: Rhodri Davies, Questions of …. middle distance

Sunday, 9 September 2012

King Lemon v The Soundman

Video clip of King Lemon & The Slim Customers at Paper Dress in east London on 6/9/12. One of the absorbing things about this gig was watching the low-level feuding between the singer-guitarist and the soundman. "We'll go on in five minutes, OK?" "No, you need to go on now". "Oh man, I need to have a cigarette. Just two minutes, yeah?" "No, it's got to be now." And then recurrent sound problems raised the temperature .... (An odd feature of my iPhone video is that the sound drops out on the recording at almost exactly the time the guitarist's amp goes down at the gig for the first - of several - times. Spooky).

Anyway, I'm not sure if it was generated by nicotine frustration and the bother of technical glitches, but the singer's stroppy intensity definitely gave the performance edge. Enjoyable.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

White light goin' messin' up my mind

A segment from the super-intense strobe-lit part of a Juneau Brothers gig at the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham on 7/7/12.

Drone-noise and strobe. An unlikely combination. Or is it? Must admit, I disliked it at first but quickly began to dig it. All they need to do is add a few squalls of feedback and they'll have the perfect crowd-pleasing formula ....