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Friday, 14 September 2012

They choke animals, Podcast #85 (Aug 2012)

A sizzling new podcast to get your juices flowing....

1: Hammer Of Hathor, Dancing with triangles
2: The Yes Sirs, The rats are here and they’re biting
3: Super Diamond De Dakar, Soweto
4: Fancy cars, fancy villas
5: MFC Chicken, ? (Paper Dress, London 9/8/12)
6: Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, It’s hard, ain’t it hard
7: Squinancywort, It’s a nuisance isn’t it
8: Woollen Kits, Shelley
9: The Royals, Pick up the pieces version
10: Hedgefund, Weltchmertz
11: Texture, Vilnius colony
12: Chilly nights
13: Weird Menace, ? (Old Blue Last, London 8/8/12)
14: Matheus, Shitwaves
15: Tha Silent Partner, Beantown cha cha
16: They choke animals
17: Mutwawa, Skrull eternal
18: Odetta, Chilly winds
19: Prince Far I, Mansion of the mighty
20: Suppression, Cowboys from Yale
21: Sam Egan, None of these songs is copyrighted
22: Frank Fairfield & partner, ? (Taylor Johns, Coventry 24/8/12)
23: Baboon, California dreaming
24: Blue Minkies, Tough punks are square
25: Dave Gerard & The Watchmen, Hesitate
26: Rhodri Davies, Questions of …. middle distance

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