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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Noise hits back!

There I was, complaining (sort of) about the lack of diversity in the hardcore/noise scene - too white, too male, too ... tattoo-ed - and blow me down if the very next band I see isn't We Came Out Like Tigers. 

No tattoos (that I could see), a black bassist, and (another bugbear dealt with) the lead singer-screamer playing that not exactly heavy metal instrument, a violin. Damn! All my petty preconceptions confounded ... (There's a not-bad The Quietus review of the band from 2010 here BTW, but, as John Peel might have said, that's not how you spell principles).

We Came Out Like Tigers at The Old Blue Last, London 2/10/12

Anyway, lest I be thought anti-tattoo and, god forbid, anti-noise in general, let me just say that I don't dislike tattoos and all the rest of it, just that it can get a bit predictable. But WCOLT are, no doubt, representative of plenty of other noise-y bands happy to try something slightly different. 

Noise v Niluccio - and noise hits back! I'm not complaining.

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