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Friday, 12 October 2012

The power of persuasion, Podcast #86 (Sept 2012)

When we get to Alex, I'm going to skip the glass of lager and listen to this refreshing new podcast instead ...

1: Beacon, Girl in a coma
2: Jealousy Mountain Duo, Leaf kickers
3: Millionaires, And the rains came
4: C-Doc, Livin’ the Amerikan dream
5: Fat History Month, Nudity
6: Oldest ally in the Middle East
7: Rail Band, Moko jolo
8: Ergo Phizmiz, Dear Mr Cameron, dear Mrs Clegg
9: Black Everest, ? (Hafermarkt, Flensburg 22/9/12)
10: Fat Larry’s Band, Here comes the sun
11: Hello Skinny, Black space
12: The Agrarians, The free times blues equation
13: The rights of churches
14: Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt, Super special dub
15: Every Hidden Color, I (excerpt)
16: The power of persuasion
17: Hammer Of The Working Class, Live to die
18: Pete Seeger & Oscar Brand, Hieland laddie
19: Everlone, Landlock
20: Death Grips, Get got
21: Freschard, S.Brinks & W.Pictures, ? (Windmill, 14/9/12)
22: Duassemicolcheiasinvertidas, 33 anos
23: Monty Reynolds, My dog can’t bark
24: Tronslard & Pantrel, Snieznydzien5
25: UB40, Dream a lie
26: Morsa, 80.657417-102.624289
27: Jack Ruby, Hit and run
28: Vesme Dreamchatcher Kiong, Birds


  1. Have the lager AND listen to the podcast!

  2. Yes - you could do that as well. Carlsberg, of course.