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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

How things are, Podcast #87 (Oct 2012)

Ban the bomb, I say. Or at least drop the bomb (in a Trouble Funk sense only of course).

No, what I mean to say is, get thee behind me satan, because papa's got a brand new podcast.

1: Simon Love’s Cock & Balls, Motherfuckers
2: Tunji Oyelana, Lisabi egba
3: The Very Things, The bushes scream while my daddy prunes
4: Apes On Tapes, Quarter pounder with jizz
5: Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Whe me dib?
6: Mother Cunt, Suk my hole
7: Small Radio, Leaf shaped feelings (Coco Bryce remix)
8: A very long time
9: Cats On Fire, Poor students dream of Marx
10: Collection Of The Late Howell Bend, Splendor
11: The Pharmacy, Coldest morning light
12: Theee Bat, Batman (Windmill, 10/10/12)
13: Burl Ives, Billy boy
14: Kissed my mother’s forehead
15: Crash Paris, Vogue India
16: Athletico Spizz 80, Clocks are big
17: The New Mystical Troubadours, Chamber blues’ tidal band …
18: How things are
19: The Ikettes, Blue on blue
20: Jesus & His Judgemental Father, Cunt
21: Noun Verb Adjective, Everything’s not perfect
22: Bad Habit Vs Strange Rollers, Ghost town
23: Anarchistwood, ? (Taylor Johns, 13/10/12)
24: Linval Thompson & The Upsetters, Fu Kung man
25: The Decapitated Head, We r going 2 die 2 nite
26: Brain Washington, ? (Windmill, 10/10/12)
27: Alex Chilton, Bangkok
28: Doesn’t just fill it
29: Not Right, Balls

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