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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Two pieces of research, Podcast #88 (Nov 2012)

Atmospheric background hiss courtesy of a TDK D90 tape, the latest product of my unstinting musicological labours has arrived. Yes, it's podcast #88.

Rest assured, all this music is fully evidence-based, with extensive data to back it up.

Track listing here: 

1: The Mother Folkers, Too much time
2: DJ Haram, Batman is haram
3: Two pieces of research
4: Old Wars, Mighty
5: Thad Jones, Zec
6: 93 Million Miles From The Sun, ? (Chameleon, Nottingham 24/11/12)
7: Studio One Musicians, Sky rhythm
8: Rachel House, Plastic punk
9: Sanmi, Requiem for victims of east Japan earthquake
10: Sixteen & The Sidewinders, ? (Indo, London 28/11/12)
11: Life might have been lost
12: Marc De Blanchard, Descendre
13: Abstract Random, OBMG’s cowboy remix
14: Mary Love, Think it over baby
15: Skinny Girl Diet, Douche bag (Taylor Johns, Coventry 13/10/12)
16: Lougow, You’ll live and die by those little dogs
17: Roland Alphonso, James Bond
18: Resistencia Chaco, Gato negro
19: Pray with you
20: The Jerry Spider Gang, When I get off
21: Gateway Of Trance Illusion, ? (edit) (Enjoy, Leeds 23/11/12)
22:  Joe Nez & His Trio, Nsonma nneme
23: The Jesus And Marychain, In a hole
24: Lowpines, ? (Windmill, London 30/10/12)
25: Not a big problem
26: Squire Of Gothos, Gimme dat!
27: The Heavy, How you like me now (Joker remix)

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