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Friday, 18 January 2013

Game of life and bread, Podcast #89 (Dec 2012)

If I worked in PR (which I do) I'd probably say "Yeah, if you really want to bury your podcast then go ahead, stick it out late on a Friday night. Just see what happens. That way you won't get ANYONE noticing it".

Thanks for the advice. 

1: Bitbasic, Your unnecessary flombe
2: Yasiin Bey, I don’t like
3: Ben Seretan, My one true love
4: Game of life and bread
5: Solid Attitude, Smoking sheets
6: Herman, To the fields
7: Pouffe, Hallway
8: The NSJ Crew, The nellie
9: Läjä Äijälä, Nuclear war disco
10: The Andrews Sisters, One meat ball
11: Tigercats, Banned at the Troxy (Chameleon, Nottingham 8/12/12)
12: Two Fingers, Fools rhythm
13: Staatskapelle Dresden/Theo Adam, Endlich loge! (Wagner)
14: Scratch & The Upsetter, Zion blood
15: (Punjabi)
16: Oh! Belgium, Bracelet of stars
17: Chilly Gonzales, A minor key Christmas melody
18: Lazy, Party city
19: Much listening
20: The Bug, Tune in (version)
21: Howie Mitchell & Charlotte Williams, Red clay country
22: The Continental Co-ets, I don’t love you no more
23: Madcat, Puff da cig
24: Towns, ? Old Blue Last, London 18/12/12)
25: Moodie, Zimbabwe dub
26: The film stars of Warzaw
27: Warm soda, I’m waiting for my man
28: Metá Metá, Ora iê iê o

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