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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

From local abattoirs, Podcast #90 (Jan 2013)

Meat is murder the magus of Moss Side once said, and who am I to argue? Except, when something comes from local abattoirs one can only imagine it will be especially tasty. This is my (now-retired) podcast #90, straight from the horse's lower intestine. Leave a comment if you want a download and I'll re-post.

1: The Lost Riots, Our generation
2: THKAD, O utro
3: Chandeliers, Age sex location
4: Strength on the ground
5: Stinky Treats, Yoko Ono
6:  Andre Uhl, Leviathan
7: Dr K Gyasi & Noble Kings, Kroko heniko
8: Lieutenant Martin
9: Gas Up Yr Hearse, I’m wide awake! I’m mourning
10: Big Dread, Fire
11: Orchestra Sinfolario e dalla Corale Ambrosiana, ? (La Boheme) (Teatro San Babila, Milan 4/1/13)
12: Square People, Niche dreams
13: From local abbatoirs
14: Pissed Jeans, Bathroom laughter
15: Filthy La Bottom, W-filthy
16: The Stranglers, Threatened
17: Marcel Pequel, February
18: Ty Segall & White Fence, The black glove/rag
19: Bleak House, Antiseptic
20: Voodoo Binmen, How to be a man (Catch, London 25/1/13)
21: Franco Et L’O.K. Jazz, Cuando paradi
22: NONEWYORK & Specters, My baby
23: Chad Crouch, Gymnopedie 3
24: The Yawns, Jean Thumb (Old Blue Last, 21/1/13)
25: M-PeX & Makrox, Mira Kaeli
26: Face unemployment or retrain
27: Shade Circle, Last drop
28: Desmond Riley, Skinhead a message to you
29: Lucas Gonze, Frog in the well
30: Pigshackle, ? (Windmill, 17/1/13)
31: Misay Day, Imaginary blues
32: Feedback, Murdering bastard
33: Allo Darlin’, You shook me all night long

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