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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Isolated incident, Podcast #91 (Feb 2013)

As is my publicity-shunning wont, here's another podcast delivered in the darkness hours of early morning. It's better that way really. These tunes are so unworldly that, Dracula-like, exposure to the merest ray of sunshine could be fatal ... turning them into daytime fodder for 6 Music (gulp).

So, sink your fangs into Podcast #91, Isolated incident. Slurp, slurp ...

1: Useless Eaters, Malfunction
2: Yellow Chair, Early life on Skunk Island
3: Debmaster, Hart l'aumônier
4: Laurel Aitken, Bartender
5: An isolated incident
6: Dead End Job, S.I.D.
7: Louis Killen, The banks of sweet primeroses
8: Omnivore, Pink electric
9: My with dog
10: Mutwawa, Cyborg sniper
11: Keith Top Of the Pops, Two of The Beatles are dead (Windmill, 20/2/13)
12: Orch. Vijana Jazz, Penzi lamea penye penzi
13: abc100, Jina and Mike
14: Collins Music Wheeler, Collins blood
15: RSS Boys, Mooroomooboo hds off
16: He Is Ledger, ? (Hafermarkt, Flensburg 18/2/13)
17: One Happy Island, White collar disco
18: Status Quo, Let’s ride
19: The Dead Hookers, Technical mortal
20: Art Farmer Quartet, I’m a fool to want you
21: Dot Dash, Dots
22: WSicko, Forgotten memories
23: Martha, ? (Missing, Birmingham 23/2/13)
24: Ryoma Maeda, Girls sumo ending theme
25: Southern Nights, Pop 3
26: Ask yourself a question
27: The Hookworms, ? (The Red Gallery, London 21/2/13)
28: Cheap Clone, Trade my records for you
29: Eek-A-Mouse, Noah’s ark

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