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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Only the sun and the sun, DubPod #1 (Mar 2013)

Dem never loved poor Marcus, did they?

As I've implied before, the irrational dislike people seem to have for reggae only makes me like it more. It is, to coin a phrase, music for life (just like the blues, punk, acid house etc). You never hear much on the radio, it's never been "mainstream" (discounting the Island-ised pop-reggae of post-fame Bob Marley), but it tears apart most popular music. It's tuff!

Anyway, having spellbound the masses with my miscellaneous monthly offerings, they've been beating down my door demanding that I do it all over again, only dubwise. Pah. But, y'know, I hate to disappoint an expectant audience. Jah Shaka played it from his massive stack systems, I bring these righteous tunes from the humble surroundings of the Niluccio on noise website.

1: Mikey Dread, Saturday night style dub
2: Cornell Campbell, Money
3: Keith Hudson, War war
4: Prince Irey, Freedom of speech
5: Lee Perry, Perry in dub
6: My $50,000-a-year politician
7: King Tubby, Herb dub-collie dub
8: Niney & The Observers, Mud and water
9: Scientist, Round 7
10: Ras Menelik, Chant down apartheid
11: King Tubby, Dub the right way
12: The sun
13: I Roy, Screw face
14: Niney The Observer, False start dub
15: Full Experience, Can't see you
16: Sir Collins & His Mind Sweeper, New Cross fire
17: Do you feel lucky punk?
18: The Upsetters, Clint Eastwood
19: Dillinger, Fernando Sanchez
20: Herbert Chang, Coming of Jah version
21: Moodie, Zimbabwe dub
22: Planning for failure
23: Tommy McCook, Swing and dine shuffle
24: The Revolutionaries, Natty dread dub
25: Queen Tiney & The Aggrovators, Natty dread time dub
26: Yellowman, For your eyes only

So, dread operator. Put down that blurb about lacklustre Latitude, ditch the bothersome Bloc Party CD. Instead, put on your red, gold and green slippers and ... let these sounds invade your computer ...

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