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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cut you up, Podcast #92 (Mar 2013)

Here be monsters. Some friendly. Some not so friendly. But all deserving of your attention.

1: Clapton Girls Technology College, Solitaire
2: Globoscuro, Riccardo III (part 4)
3: Blanche Blanche Blanche, Scam
4: Half Pint, Jah don’t love that
5: Bryan Lewis Saunders, Cut you up
6: Edikanfo, Gbenta
7: Cyco Sanchez Supergroup, My brain hurts
8: .crk, Untitled 4 (blue screen error version)
9: Fiedel Michel, Mein Michel
10: English Touring Opera, from Così Fan Tutte (Mozart) (Hackney Empire, London 7/3/13)
11: Dead Man’s Tree, Ain’t done you no harm
12: Lazer Boy, Lullaby
13: Count Matchuki, Movement
14: Base Cleft, Post-watershed slamdunk
15: RL Kelly, You’re not the only monster from hell
16: I must go on
17: Count Ossie, Wicked Babylon
18: Viscera[e], Nar skogens kalla sinhar
19: Tiny Bradshaw, Walking the chalk line
20: Gregoire Fiaux, Larme á l'oeil
21: Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz, Wayo in-law
22: The Middle Ones, Oh, Bob!
23: Glass Boy, News at 11
24: Little Willie Littlefield, Blood is redder than wine
25: Will have offended many people
26: Polysics, I my me mine

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