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Friday, 14 June 2013

His hearing has failed, Dubcast #2 (June 2013)

Don't know about you, but to me it sometimes feels like we're living in the end times. That people are back on Saint George's Hill, growing carrots and waiting for the musket men to open fire.

Know what I mean? Not sure if Winstanley listened to much reggae, but if he'd dragged a few speakers up to his commune he might well have liked what he heard.

Yeah brother, pure righteousness! The only thing - he might have been tempted to place his ear right up against the bass. To really feel that riddim of Jah! Then his fellow communists would have had to explain to the Roundheads that he wasn't ignoring them. It's just, well, his hearing has failed ... 

1: Tommy McCook & The Upsetters, Cloak and dagger 
2: In Crowd, Milk and honey 
3: John Holt, Police in helicopter 
4: Prince Jammy, Something special 
5: His hearing has failed 
6: Keith Hudson, Black right 
7: Michigan & Smiley, Rub a dub style 
8: Augustus Pablo, New style 
9: Sly Dunbar, Cocaine 
10: Some skirmishes 
11: Big Dread, Fire 
12: The Overtakers, I don't want to cry 
13: Dennis Alcapone, Alpha and omega 
14: Jah Woosh, Judy drowned 
15: Harmony of collective murder

16: Studio One Musicians, Sky rhythm 
17: Holness, Here I come dub 
18: Mikey Dread, World war III 
19: Wayne Wade, Pretty face 
20: Carl Bryan, Cover charge 
21: Tablets of linear B 
22: Scratch & The Upsetters, Underground 
23: The Aggrovators, Kaya dub 
24: Eek-A-Mouse, Anarexol (12") 
25: The Ethiopians, Train to glory

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