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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Person like that, Podcast #94 (May 2013)

There's always one, isn't there? Spoiling it for everyone else. With their insufferable cheeriness, their bonhomie, their sickening good humour. Eugh. Instead, let's hear for the misanthropes. The bad-hearted. The ne'er-do-wells, and the ne'er-want-to-do-wells. 

That's it! You've stopped smiling now, haven't you? That's right. Because it's time for ... Podcast #94 (note: I've now taken this down but I'm happy to re-upload it on request. They're all great tunes so it's obviously worth it!)

1: Lantriperc, Lantriperc is not a human
2: Bobby T & The Slackers, Young love
3: Part of the battlefield
4: Left For Dead, Kept in line
5: El Hadj Faye, Nangnou diem
6: Squeeze The Gs, Better psychologist
7: Fire Facts/Junior Delgardo, Judgment day (version)
8: Teeth, Confusion
9: Spook Houses, Family plot
10: We Are The Physics, Subject v object (Windmill, London 16/5/13)
11: Royal Band De Thies, Guene-gui dek (extract)
12: Liars, I saw you from the lifeboat
13: Lot Lizard, Puddle
14: Joe Gibbs, Blank label dub
15: Open Work Stocking, Mirrors
16: Palm Reader, ? (Old Blue Last, London 13/5/13)
17: To raise children
18: Told Slant, I am not
19: Xenodrome, The turn of blasphemy
20: Kokomo Arnold, Policy wheel blues
21: KXNG†UT, Rainy devil †.雨の悪魔
22: Roseanne Barr, You make me die
23: JR Kelly, Black
24: A person like that
25: Throwing Up, ? (Old Blue Last, London 30/5/13)
26: Lot Lizards, My gun
27: The Love Below, Let them eat shit
28: John Matthias & Nick Ryan, Cortical songs (second movement)
29: Danse Society, Come inside (Chameleon, Nottingham 5/5/13)
30: LeGaScred, Anticythère
31: Kekuatan Super, Janji manis

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