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Thursday, 21 November 2013

For the Commonwealth, Podcast #99 (Oct 2013)

Dear oh dear. It's already the 21st of November and I haven't even posted the podcast for October yet. It's really not good enough, is it?

Well, I can only throw myself at the mercy of the court and say, most humbly, that I laboured for weeks and weeks over this pathetic 78.15 minutes of music. Crafting, refining, chipping away here, chipping away there. And you know what? It was all done out of love for the Commonwealth.


1: Ando Guerillo (0-3:01) Nicoffein
2: Simon Matheson, Most unkind (3:02-4:36) 
3: Luminous Fridge, Sacrifice to the god of 808s (4:37-6:42) 
4: Dumb Girl Plague, Honey (6:43-10:20) 
5: Gerardo Sansón & Fred McDonald, Doble cero (10:21-13:16) 
6: Agnès Pe, Discutir a sangre (13:17-15:50) 
7: Mahlathini & The Queens, Umkhlwenyana (15:51-18:54) 
8: To buy cocaine (18:55-18:56) 
9: Botany, Anchor (18:57-22:15) 
10: We Are A Communist, Civilisation to Planet Nova (22:16-24:16) 
11: Sly Dunbar, Cocaine (24:17-28:02) 
12: Alligator Indian, I gave myself a science lecture (28:03-31:12) 
13: Kapnobatai, Doaga lipsa (31:13-32:56) 
14: John McGrath, Four hills (32:57-36:20) 
15: I’m not sure (36:21-36:22) 
16: Reso Kiknadze Trio, music for My Grandmother (Rich Mix, 2/10/13) (36:23-39:46) 
17: The Notes, Bourgeois (39:47-41:00) 
18: The Creatures, Inoa ‘ole (41:01-44:44) 
19: Henry Skewes, War waltz (44:45-47:24) 
20: EMP-T, Son of satan (47:25-49:54) 
21: Mmdelai, White world (49:55-53:09) 
22: For the Commonwealth (53:10-53:15) 
23: Samira Taoufik, Ya awlad el-halal (53:16-57:59) 
24: Muhmood, Organ etude (58:00-59:16) 
25: Luke McDaniel, Huh baby (59:17-1:01:30) 
26: The Fucked Up Beat, Fear in the dust bowl (1:01:31-1:05:36) 
27: Leroy Smart, Happiness is my desire (version) (1:05:37-1:09:09) 
28: Common Dominator, Bury you cockaroaches (1:09:10-1:11:57) 
29: Chin Yi, Dida (1:11:58-1:14:50) 
30: The Inspirations, who you gonna run to? (1:14:51-1:17:19) 
31: The Craters, 800080 (1:17:20-1:18:25)


  1. I've spotted 3 tracks so far from your mixes taken from the amazing ElectricJive blog but you haven't even given them a brief thanks. What gives? :/

  2. Nothing personal. I haven't thanked any of the dozens of blogs I've taken the hundreds of songs from for the 109 mixes b/c, well, it would be boring and repetitive to do so. I've previously paid tribute (in general terms) to good blog sites like ElectricJive - http://niluccio.blogspot.co.uk/2012_01_01_archive.html - and my blogroll has listed some that I like. I haven't updated this for quite a while and would be happy to include ElectricJive in an updated list. If however, you don't want me to take music from ElectricJive in the future without issuing a specific credit, then I'll stop taking music from there. N.