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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A lake of fire, Dubpod #4 (Dec 2013)

Not content with one Dubpod today, I've only gone and done another!

Yes, there must be something about the last hours of 2013 and its ability to spur the poor music blogger into spasms of useless productivity. Churning out the music comps that hardly anyone will ever listen to. Ah, well. That's what it's all about. Work, work and more work. Then a slow decline and death. Followed by an eternal dip in a lake of fire. Rasta - fari!

1: Augustus Pablo, Rockers dub 
2: Max Romeo, Fire fe the Vatican 
3: King Tubby, There's dub 
4: Sons of Arqa, Acid tabla 
5: Greek 
6: Keith Rowe, Groovy situation 
7: Count Matchuki, Movement
8: Tommy McCook & The Observers, Psalm 9 to keep in mind
9: Vivian Jackson, Revenge (version) 
10: Alien Dread, Every man's hand 
11: Kill me
12: Steel Pulse, Ku Klux Klan
13: Collins Music Wheeler, Collins blood 
14: General Echo, Track shoes
15: Sly & Robbie/Prince Jammy, Bad girls dub 
16: Danny Hensworth/Upsetter, Dub money
17: A lake of fire 
18: Rupie Edwards,I'm gonna live some life
19: King Sighter, Dollar fe a refer 
20: Shabba Ranks, Heart of a lion (version)
21: Scratch & The Upsetters, Underground
22: Barry Brown, Step it up (version)
23: Will have offended many people
24: Dennis Alcapone, Alpha & omega
25: Soom T & Disrupt, Ganja ganja
26: Congos, Children crying
27: Keith & Tex, Tonight

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