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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Out with the old, in with the new (aka Machine men with machine hearts, Podcast #100, Nov 2013)

Strange thing happened this week. I was rummaging through my miserable little collection of vinyl to treat you to an extra special track for this new podcast, when ... goddamit, I discover that some of my records have become warped through sitting on my lovely - but very hot - window-sill. So much for my bright idea about putting them there ...

Anyway, after unceremoniously chucking out about 40 LPs/12-inch singles, guess what? I found I didn't regret the loss very much. Out to the skip went genuinely good stuff like The Fall's The Wonderful And Frightening World Of and Adam And The Ants' Dirk Wears White Sox, but hey ... it's only a few old records, right? I liked these records, and had had some of them for about 30 years. But, c'mon. Life goes on, and I've probably heard an equivalent amount of good new music in just the last month anyway, and ... oh, I dunno. I'm not some kind of Discogs-eBay-what's-every-single-record-worth merchant. And ... well, I'll probably re-acquire a few of those things along the way anyway.

No! Forget 'em. Instead, check out my podcast #100. Because instead of being a silly old vinyl sentimentalist, the fact is I'm actually a machine man with a machine heart. Clunk, clang, clunk.

1: House Of John Player, Acre (0-4:55) 
2: Amagugu, Chuchu makgala (4.56-7:21) 
3: Xxena, Chicken dust (7:22-13:32) 
4: Screens, Dispute Settlement Mechanism (13:33-16:07) 
5: I work with Robert Plomin (16:08-16:09) 
6: Sonae, Entmutig (16:10-18:45) 
7: Negative WorM, Jim Cougar Morriseycamp (18:46-21:28) 
8: Guitar Roberts, The thrill is gone (21:29-25:12) 
9: Fever Dream, ? (Old Blue Last, London 24/11/13) (25:13-27:02) 
10: Otis Spann, I’d rather be the devil (27:03-29:42) 
11: Chief Kooffreh, Cut your balls off (29:43-35:10) 
12: Small and media enterprise (35:11-35:13) 
13: Goto80, 5phyun73r 31337 v3r (35:14-36:02) 
14: Eugene The Oceanographer, Golden periscope (36:03-39:15) 
15: Clint Eastwood, Follow fashion (version) (39:16-42:44) 
16: James Canty, Strange times (42:45-45:10) 
17: Chris Schilder, Phily Schilder, Jackie Schilder, Look up (45:11-53:02) 
18: H Grimace, ? (Old Blue Last, London 24/11/13) (53:03-57:09) 
19: Mark Wynn, Excuse me sir (57:10-59:01) 
20: Intrigued by the idea (59:02-59:04) 
21: Death Grips, Birds (59:05-1:03:42) 
22: Kaatskill Mountains, Ghosts yn the ayr (1:03:43-1:05:47) 
23: Prince Rama, Rest in peace (1:05:48-1:12:09) 
24: Queer’d Science, Nazifucker (1:12:10-1:16:24) 
25: Coagul, Anathema (1:16:25-1:18:48)

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