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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Frank's overcoat blues

He's got a nice warm overcoat and he doesn't take it off for ANYONE. I give you ... Frank Fairfield!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The national average, Podcast #101 (Dec 2013)

More monkey business! That's right my fellow simians, because here's another podcast to join the others. It's no better than the others, and it's no worse. Indeed you could say ... it's somewhere around the national average.

1: Caught In The Wake Forever, Song for old earth 
2: Honnda, How to burn a CD 
3: Monster Island, Sunflowers … 
4: MultiMax2121, Police siren 
5: Chosen Brothers, So much loving 
6: DJKurar, Princess Panty 
7: D30, ? (Macbeth, Hoxton, London 7/3/07) 
8: Kabbalistic Village, The flower duet 
9: Classhole, Full of hate 
10: Roxanne Shante, Queen of rox (dub) 
11: Jessetz, Glitch 1 
12: Eastern Pioneers Of Ghana, Enye wani kaan 
13: Chuck Person, Eccojam A1 
14: Kimmo Pohjonen, Anastaja 
15: Moji And The Tropicals, Duniani mateso 
16: Funkyfierce, Radio sound 
17: EquBE, Roots and leaves (recycled) 
18: The national average 
19: Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder six 
20: Innerlite, Baby baby please 
21: T’Old Bamboo, Looking around 
22: Ripton Hylton, My father’s land 
23: House Majority, Hold your fire 
24: Louisville Sanctified Singers, So glad I’m here 
25: The Zombiecops, Girl 
26: De Frank & His Professionals, Call me Frank 
27: Kathid, Hi 
28: Riverhorse, Interes tvoih podrug