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Thursday, 5 June 2014

These little attentions, Podcast #106 (May 2014)

You're probably thinking I neglect you. Just one pathetic podcast every month. C'mon Niluccio, give us more, is what you're no doubt saying to yourselves. Er, aren't you ...? No? NO! So after all my efforts, all these little attentions, you just can't face more music from me? Oh dear ...

1: Sans Blanc, Cactheme 
2: Bobby Bunny, Jeff Squid 
3: Condominium, ? (Power Lunches, London 26/5/14) 
4: The Dynamic Kapers, Alligator wine 
5: These little attentions 
6: Rohstein, CCCP 
7: Grubs, Dec 15th 
8: Oriental Brothers, Ihe chinyenre 
9: Kentucky Fried Britain, Mumford badge of shame 
10: Energy Gown, Free dose 
11: Duke Reid, Music is my occupation 
12: Black Pines, Sacher masoch 
13: Titz, あほぼんめ 
14: Marisa Anderson, Keep your lamps trimmed and burning 
15: The Citadel, Mesto 
16: Leroy Smart/Channel One, Ambition (version) 
17: 9,000 cars 
18: The Mor Paranoids, International rescue 
19: Admiral Dele Abiodun, Awa o ni legba (extract) 
20: Greater Than Or Equal To, Slundle 
21: Good Throb, ? (Power Lunches, London 26/5/14) 
22: Swedish Chef, Back burner 
23: Minorities were always persecuted 
24: Mikroben Krieg, New krafts in your mind 
25: Eyeless In Gaza, No noise 
26: Street Cheetah, Heroin sunrise 
27: John Chantler, November pt1 
28: Waste Disposal Machine, Debris 
29: Troy Shondell, Head man 
30: Contamination 
31: Jim Lace & Alex Nova, 6 house

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