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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Society's disgust, Podcast #107 (June 2014)

Well I'm sure you've been there too. Cast out, made to feel like a social pariah. You've said the wrong thing, failed to join in, been less than a full team player. Yes, you've been left in no doubt of society's  disgust. Even this usually friendly chap doesn't like you. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ...

(Link removed for space reasons, but can be re-upped on request).

1: Miami Slice, Without you 
2: Grand Mariner, Max Milwaukee 
3: Recalibrate his thinking 
4: Death Pedals, ? (Old Blue Last, London 10/6/14)
5: Shadow Casters, Going to the moon 
6: Ili, MTE 
7: Perfectly valid reasons 
8: The, She was a Mau Mau 
9: Mildtape, Slowsteppers 
10: Sports, You’re so sorry 
11: Joe Oldfield, St James Infirmary (Windmill, London 5/6/14) 
12: Arp, Gravity (for Charlemagne Palestine) 
13: Affectionate in its way 
14: Withdrawal, Guardian angel 
15: Super Cat, Trash and ready 
16: Surf Curse, Take ME Home 2NITe 
17: Bea Foote, Try and get it 
18: Gloss Rejection, ? (Power Lunches, London 18/6/14) 
19: Faux Fur, Discolouration 
20: The Oscillators, You are the boy 
21: Camerata Accademica di Salisburgo, Laudate dominium (Mozart) 
22: NNY, Down the punx, up the irons 
23: Society’s disgust 
24: The Velvelettes, He was really sayin’ something 
25: Seize The Chair, People say (Old Blue Last, London 19/6/14) 
26: Tyrannosaurus Dead, Always fine 
27: No Loli-Gagging, I’m still so sophisticated

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