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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Society's disgust, Podcast #107 (June 2014)

Well I'm sure you've been there too. Cast out, made to feel like a social pariah. You've said the wrong thing, failed to join in, been less than a full team player. Yes, you've been left in no doubt of society's  disgust. Even this usually friendly chap doesn't like you. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ...

1: Miami Slice, Without you 
2: Grand Mariner, Max Milwaukee 
3: Recalibrate his thinking 
4: Death Pedals, ? (Old Blue Last, London 10/6/14)
5: Shadow Casters, Going to the moon 
6: Ili, MTE 
7: Perfectly valid reasons 
8: The, She was a Mau Mau 
9: Mildtape, Slowsteppers 
10: Sports, You’re so sorry 
11: Joe Oldfield, St James Infirmary (Windmill, London 5/6/14) 
12: Arp, Gravity (for Charlemagne Palestine) 
13: Affectionate in its way 
14: Withdrawal, Guardian angel 
15: Super Cat, Trash and ready 
16: Surf Curse, Take ME Home 2NITe 
17: Bea Foote, Try and get it 
18: Gloss Rejection, ? (Power Lunches, London 18/6/14) 
19: Faux Fur, Discolouration 
20: The Oscillators, You are the boy 
21: Camerata Accademica di Salisburgo, Laudate dominium (Mozart) 
22: NNY, Down the punx, up the irons 
23: Society’s disgust 
24: The Velvelettes, He was really sayin’ something 
25: Seize The Chair, People say (Old Blue Last, London 19/6/14) 
26: Tyrannosaurus Dead, Always fine 
27: No Loli-Gagging, I’m still so sophisticated

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