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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Very ambitious vision, Podcast #108 (July 2014)

You know you're doing something right when elephants stampede toward you, lifting up their trunks saying, in their distinctive elephant language, "Hey Niluccio, what about another of your great podcasts?". 

And you know me, I never like to disappoint my friends Elephas maximus and Loxodonta africana. They're maybe a bit too keen on that trumpet noise they make, but I've always said ... they have a very ambitious vision.

(Link removed for space reasons, but can be re-upped on request).

1: Coconut Monkey Rocket & Cow/Moo, Another uneasy night 
2: Sissy Hex, Housewives 
3: The God In Hackney, Holt, Jarmara 
4: Big Joe Williams, I’ve been wrong, but I’ll be right
5: Petra Matejova & Katarzyna Drogosz, ? (Sala Koncertowa Uniwersytu Muzycznego Chopina, Warsaw, 12/7/14) 
6: The Ethical Debating Society, Kill you last 
7: SwamiMillion, Postscript 
8: Very ambitious vision 
9: Sonny Rollins, When your lover has gone 
10: Oozing Wound, Welcome to the spaceship, motherfucker 
11: Ste Mccabe, Queer clubbing 
12: Fed., Ruff you 
13: Big Joanie, Giant 
14: The Soft Pink Truth, Teachers 
15: The Broken Oak Duet, ? (JT Soar, Nottingham 25/7/14) 
16: Domotic, Le demon (theme) 
17: Back to their home towns 
18: Music Blues, 91771 
19: Cayos, Briefcase wormholes 
20: Faggot, Greta Garbo (Wharf Chambers, Leeds 26/7/14) 
21: Jackie Mittoo, Brain mark 
22: Coppe, Figment of imagination 
23: Almost treated as legal 
24: Grumbling Fur, Dancing light 
25: InĂ©s Navarro, Brown bag 
26: Asmahan, Ya layali el bochr 
27: Black Twig Pickers, You play the high card

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