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Monday, 29 September 2014

Smear this!

Afterlife Kids in Nottingham, 27/9/14
Reminding us that Francis Bacon was probably a fan of grindcore ...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Down near Parchment Farm ...

Meanwhile, back in the juke joint, down near Parchment Farm, they're preparing to tear up the place. Because, it's still the 1920s, and all that jazz ...

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It's beautiful, Dubpod #7 (Sept 2014)

The other day I saw a woman (white) driving an open-top car through my bit of lovely east London and ... well, she had rag doll mascot thing at the back of the car. It was a little Rasta figure.

As I recall it the car sound system was playing some nondescript R'n'B stuff. Whereas, what rag-doll woman should have been listening to was Dubpod #7. Why? Because ... it's beautiful.

1: The Abyssinians, Reason time 
2: Asher & Tremble/Rockers, Humble dub 
3: Rod Taylor, No one can tell I about Jah Jah (version) 
4: Sly & Robbie/Prince Jammy, Pure is the soul 
5: Johnny & The Skatalites, Murderer (version) 
6: It’s beautiful 
7: Lloyd Jones & Brentford Rockers, Red in a babylon (version) 
8: Jo Jo Hookim, Moses dub 
9: The Pioneers, People grudgeful 
10: Scientist, Meteorite 
11: Lloyd & Devon, Cus cus 
12: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons 
13: Abyssianians/Sound Dimension, Declaration (version) 
14: Sly & Robbie & Revolutionaries, Gully bank dub 
15: Johnny Clarke, Don't be a rude boy 
16: Derrick Morgan, Kill me dead 
17: The Observers, Lightning and thunder 
18: Laughter 
19: Barry Brown, It ago dread 
20: Revolutionaries, Rocking dub 
21: Sun Ra & His Solar-Myth Arkestra, Strange worlds 
22: Big Joe & Scorcher/Sound Dimension, Jah jah help pt2 
23: Big Youth, All nations bow 
24: Put the mic where your mouth is 
25: Prince Far I/Adrian Sherwood/The Dub Syndicate, Abderrahmane 
26: King Tubby, Real gone crazy dub 
27: Public Image Limited, Careering 
28: Mafia All Stars, Don't think about me (dub)

Friday, 5 September 2014

A garden actually, Podcast #109 (Aug 2014)

Still struggling to get Kate Bush tickets? Oh dear. Missed out on those "secret" Prince concerts a while back? Oh no. It's such a hard world, isn't it?

Instead, all you have to look forward to is another Niluccio podcast. Oh, the misery. Well, don't despair, it's not just any old podcast.

1: DJ Taye, Picasso 
2: Kim Hiorth√ły, The woods 
3: Respected in international law 
4: No, Shifting clouds 
5: Oscar Peterson, Flying home 
6: Black Fungus (Power Lunches, London 28/8/14) 
7: Cody Noon, Slow dancing in the dark 
8: The Very Loud Coma, Colidaphe 
9: A garden actually 
10: Sauna Youth, False Jesii ptII 
11: Thoth, ? (Power Lunches, London 19/8/14) 
12: D.A. Terence, Kernow 
13: The Muleskinners, Back door man 
14: PISS, Tight jeans 
15: UncleBibby, The spidrman’s (nanoloop) 
16: Party Pigs, Shit I’m into 
17: Maia Urstad, Meanwhile, in Shanghai … (excerpt) 
18: Pat Kelly, Coming home 
19: Carter Behnke, Frightened friend 
20: Frauds, ? (Windmill, London 5/8/14) 
21: A great place to be 
22: Creem, Sick of you 
23: Franz Fahndrich, Echo-lander 
24: Room Of Wires, Asylum seeker 
25: Jerry Lee Lewis, High school confidential 
26: Force a change 
27: BTB, nbrk id 
28: Unknown, Hoc tro 
29: Bella Davidovich, No4 F minor Op52 (Chopin)