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Friday, 5 September 2014

A garden actually, Podcast #109 (Aug 2014)

Still struggling to get Kate Bush tickets? Oh dear. Missed out on those "secret" Prince concerts a while back? Oh no. It's such a hard world, isn't it?

Instead, all you have to look forward to is another Niluccio podcast. Oh, the misery. Well, don't despair, it's not just any old podcast.

(Note: link taken down for space reason. Can be re-upped on request).

1: DJ Taye, Picasso 
2: Kim Hiorth√ły, The woods 
3: Respected in international law 
4: No, Shifting clouds 
5: Oscar Peterson, Flying home 
6: Black Fungus (Power Lunches, London 28/8/14) 
7: Cody Noon, Slow dancing in the dark 
8: The Very Loud Coma, Colidaphe 
9: A garden actually 
10: Sauna Youth, False Jesii ptII 
11: Thoth, ? (Power Lunches, London 19/8/14) 
12: D.A. Terence, Kernow 
13: The Muleskinners, Back door man 
14: PISS, Tight jeans 
15: UncleBibby, The spidrman’s (nanoloop) 
16: Party Pigs, Shit I’m into 
17: Maia Urstad, Meanwhile, in Shanghai … (excerpt) 
18: Pat Kelly, Coming home 
19: Carter Behnke, Frightened friend 
20: Frauds, ? (Windmill, London 5/8/14) 
21: A great place to be 
22: Creem, Sick of you 
23: Franz Fahndrich, Echo-lander 
24: Room Of Wires, Asylum seeker 
25: Jerry Lee Lewis, High school confidential 
26: Force a change 
27: BTB, nbrk id 
28: Unknown, Hoc tro 
29: Bella Davidovich, No4 F minor Op52 (Chopin)


  1. Cheers for putting us in your podcast! Nice blog

    Cody Noon

  2. No worries. Enjoyed your tune. Keep 'em coming! Cheers, N.