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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It's beautiful, Dubpod #7 (Sept 2014)

The other day I saw a woman (white) driving an open-top car through my bit of lovely east London and ... well, she had rag doll mascot thing at the back of the car. It was a little Rasta figure.

As I recall it the car sound system was playing some nondescript R'n'B stuff. Whereas, what rag-doll woman should have been listening to was Dubpod #7. Why? Because ... it's beautiful.

1: The Abyssinians, Reason time 
2: Asher & Tremble/Rockers, Humble dub 
3: Rod Taylor, No one can tell I about Jah Jah (version) 
4: Sly & Robbie/Prince Jammy, Pure is the soul 
5: Johnny & The Skatalites, Murderer (version) 
6: It’s beautiful 
7: Lloyd Jones & Brentford Rockers, Red in a babylon (version) 
8: Jo Jo Hookim, Moses dub 
9: The Pioneers, People grudgeful 
10: Scientist, Meteorite 
11: Lloyd & Devon, Cus cus 
12: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons 
13: Abyssianians/Sound Dimension, Declaration (version) 
14: Sly & Robbie & Revolutionaries, Gully bank dub 
15: Johnny Clarke, Don't be a rude boy 
16: Derrick Morgan, Kill me dead 
17: The Observers, Lightning and thunder 
18: Laughter 
19: Barry Brown, It ago dread 
20: Revolutionaries, Rocking dub 
21: Sun Ra & His Solar-Myth Arkestra, Strange worlds 
22: Big Joe & Scorcher/Sound Dimension, Jah jah help pt2 
23: Big Youth, All nations bow 
24: Put the mic where your mouth is 
25: Prince Far I/Adrian Sherwood/The Dub Syndicate, Abderrahmane 
26: King Tubby, Real gone crazy dub 
27: Public Image Limited, Careering 
28: Mafia All Stars, Don't think about me (dub)

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