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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Much more competent, Podcast #110 (Sept 2014)

If you're a regular reader of these precious pages, you'll know that I champion the uncheered, boost the barely-mentioned and sensitively encourage the easily-overlooked. Oh yes I do. And part and parcel of this selfless service, this work on behalf of the community and for the public good, is that I celebrate amateurism. The half-baked is my favourite dish.

Yeah, yum yum. But if you reckon all my earlier podcasts have been ... er, unlistenable rubbish, fear not. Because, this one is much more competent.

1: Love King Michael Farsky USA, Dancing with the girl I love 
2: Eltron John, L’Homme à la caméra 
3: Why do politicians …? 
4: CKZ, Digital scratch 
5: John Henry Barbee, I heard my baby 
6: Aabzu, Perfect zombie 
7: Lord Snow, ? (Stuck On A Name Studios, Nottingham 27/9/14) 
8: Schemawound, The dogs of corporate America 
9: Hilliard Ensemble, Domine ne in furore tuo (De Lassus) 
10: Earl Sixteen, Cheating 
11: Much more competent 
12: Emily C Smith, Fight against you 
13: Kraus, Cardigan in cashmere 
14: The Non-Nonconformists, Oh no (Windmill, London 2/9/14) 
15: Elijah, Mount-Ziondom 
16: 808s And Greatest Hits, Vieille flame feat. a fantastic reprise 
17: Stine Janvin Motland, Late breakfast 
18: Neoroleptic, Antigona/Ismene variations 5 
19: Get infected and die 
20: Uncle Woody Sullender & Seamus Carter, Vanguard blues 
21: Dr Peabody, Derek Jarman in his garden (Windmill, London 2/9/14) 
22: King Imagine, Mivina 
23: Larry Marshall/Sound Dimension, Throw me corn (version) 
24: Homeshake, Noitatidem cimanyd (extract)

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