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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sturm und Drang, Noisepod #1 (Oct 2014)

Sometimes, just sometimes, one is in a troubled mood. A mental state of deep turmoil or pent-up tension. Then, as any weather-beaten soul will tell you, it's a fine line between grabbing your semi-automatic or reaching for some soothing music.

As ever, I recommend the latter. In fact, I say put down that Heckler & Koch and ... check out some Sturm und Drang.

1: Classhole, Full of hate 
2: PISS, Tight jeans 
3: The Love Below, Let them eat shit 
4: Eyehategod, New Orleans is the New Vietnam 
5: Death Pedals, Sharks vs Jets 
6: Death Grips, You might think he loves you for your money ... 
7: Attributable to human error 
8: Lot Lizard, Puddle 
9: Corrupt Moral Altar, Politics is a bargain between beggars 
10: Death Of London, This is Japan 
11: Withdrawal, Guardian angel 
12: Surf Nazis On Ecstasy, Masturbation vacation 
13: Cut you up 
14: My Therapist Says Hot Damn, Fuck yeah vodka!
15: Defeat, Sore of life 
16: Titz, あほぼんめ 
17: Left For Dead, Kept in line 
18: Good Throb, Mummy I'm ugly 
19: The voice of America 
20: Pharaoh, Spared 
21: YAITW, Psychopathy 
22: Pissed Jeans, Bathroom laughter 
23: Mass Grave, Compensation 
24: Henry Fonda, Mainstream media killed all my friends 
25: Empire Of Rats, Untitled 
26: Will have offended many people 
27: Street Cheetah, Heroin sunrise 
28: Hoax, Sick punk 
29: Voidhammer, First in line 
30: Divorce, Dissatisfaktionpaqued 
31: Homewrecker, Chained hanging victim 
32: Kill me 
33: No One Survives, Fuckin' pigs 
34: Dead Elephant, Stag party 
35: Weekend Nachos, Watch you suffer 
36: Heck Tate, Porcelain dogs 
37: The Ridiculous Trio, Not right

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