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Monday, 10 November 2014

Gods and kings become one, Podcast #111 (Oct 2014)

Yes, you've come a long way. Been to all those raves back in the distant 90s. Bagged those tickets for the secret White Stripes gigs back in the long-lost noughties. Blagged your way into those epic queercore bashes of that mighty year 2012, kicking out the homophobe jams. Yeah, man. It's a never-ending struggle for new musical highs. A ceaseless striving for killer chords, moments of euphoric communal togetherness, tear-drenched happiness.

But ah, the sadness of it. Could it be that you're condemned to mere musical puppetry? Pulled here, there and everywhere. Never happy. No, dear lost seeker after the musical sublime. Not until gods and kings become one will you ever be satisfied ...

1: Crazy Bitch In A Cave, Rearview mirror 
2: No Negative, Shot nerves 
3: John Callaghan, Once more with feeling 
4: Bobby Ellis, Ska baby 
5: Duncan Avoid, Colloid 
6: Arouse suspicion 
7: Reverend Beat-Man, Jesus Christ twist 
8: R.O.C., Come back Jonee 
9: Tab, Robotnix 
10: Ethical Debating Society, ? (Power Lunches, London 23/10/14) 
11: xyce, Quelle surprise (VRC6 remix) 
12: Misfits, Children in heat 
13: I believe, calcium 
14: The Black Tambourines, Hit the plane down 
15: Animalia, Rekomedacion 
16: Myttys, Tuhkamuki 
17: Irshad Ali Qawwali Party, ? (The Tin, Coventry 9/10/14) 
18: Projekt Klangform, Traumwelt 
19: Jah Lloyd/Douglas Boothe/Soul Syndicates, Channel two 
20: hyperContour, Utter code 
21: Gods and kings become one 
22: Jimmy Liggins, No more alcohol 
23: Seven Teares, Grown woman 
24: Cannon Ball Bryan, Red ash 
25: Cultural Apparati, Venom sorcerer

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