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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The right guy, Dubpod #8 (Nov 2014)

I'm sure you'll agree  - sometimes nothing else will do. It's got to be a dose of dub from your regular dub dealer. Well, you're in luck. You've come to the right guy ...

1: Rod Taylor, Every little thing 
2: Bunny Clarke/The Upsetters, Dub in the back seat
3: Larry Marshall, Throw me a corn
4: Count Ossie, Wicked Babylon
5: You've come to the right guy
6: General Echo, Track shoes
7: Naggo Waugh, Knotty not living easy
8: The Gladiators, Roots natty
9: The Jay Tees & Brentford Rockers, Buck Town (version) 
10: Prince Jammy, The champion (version)
11: Koonawara
12: Fire Facts/Junior Delgardo, Judgment day (version)
13: Lee Perry, Perry's rub-a-dub
14: Scotty, Children children
15: Johnny Lover, Nevada Joe
16: Fortress loop
17: Abyssianians/Sound Dimension, Declaration (version) 
18: Black Uhuru, Plastic smile
19: King Tubby/Yabby U, Rock vibration 
20: Soom T & Disrupt, Weed hawks
21: Lone Ranger, M16
22: KXNG†UT, 666
23: Little John & Billy Boyo, Janet Sinclair
24: Prince Alla & Soul Syndicate, Lot's wife (part II)
25: Prince Far I/The Dub Syndicate, A message
26: Gregory Isaacs, Lonely dub

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