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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

40,000 years old, Podcast #113 (Dec 2014)

Like you, I'm anxious to check out new music - to grab hold of the new releases, the latest sounds, the platters that matter (er, matters). If a renowned producer has just "dropped" a new mix, then I'm ON IT! (Curious how these big-name producers are always dropping things. Bloody butterfingers).

No, there's nothing I like better than the whiter-than-white label (the transparent label?). Getting the new stuff is the bedroom computer music fan's equivalent of those acetates and specials beloved of the Jamaican soundsystems in the 60s - hey, this is hot, and you lot don't even know what it is. Ha ha ha.

But, hey. There's also old stuff. Brilliant music from that long-ago time fondly know as pre-digital. Music that ... gulp, predates the Beatles, that's older than Elvis, that makes Louis Armstrong seem fresh and modern. Yeah yeah, OK. You've probably got all that. Checked it out and moved on. No, what you need is even older stuff. Really ancient sounds that are ... oh, about 40,000 years old ...

1: Z.O.T.E., Svjelost() 
2: Hygiene, Fixed-odd betting terminal 
3: Gem lucky Jazz, Yuniy honey pt2 
4: Kinky-UK, We kill fascists (Wharf Chambers, Leeds 5/12/14) 
5: Supports the church 
6: Post, Part-time jewellery maker 
7: Lezet, Chick-a-brac 
8: Family Outing, Thicko 
9: The Enormous Room, I don’t need you 
10: Total Crane, Le booking 
11: Good Sad Happy Bad, ? (Windmill, London 16/12/14) 
12: Mitoma, Shadowsun 
13: The former regime 
14: Erwin Webb & Group, I’m going home 
15: Frau, Punk is my boyfriend 
16: Meg Baird, The land turned over 
17: Slag, Customer bullshit 
18: 40,000 years old 
19: Deathbeams, ? (Windmill, London 18/12/14) 
20: Korperschwache, The healing power of Xanax 
21: Naggo Waugh/Lee Marvin, Knotty dub 
22: The Pigskin Godhead, Martian trippin’ 
23: Abdullah Ibrahim, Bra timing from Phomolong 
24: Stuka, Arde América 
25: The Fire Dept, Your touch on me 
26: Oocito II, Intruder 
27: Sam Gas Can, Gone away for a while 
28: The Televiser, Sea & wind

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