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Friday, 12 December 2014

Anarchists over there (Dec 2014) Noisecomp #2

I've said it before and I'll say it again (again, again, again ...), it's noise wot makes the world go around (er, oh yeah, and money). So anyway, stop fussing over Farage, or blathering on about Brand. Instead, put on your gas mask and come with me. Because, there's anarchists over there ...

1: The Double Happy, The monkey 
2: Death Pedals, Dinosaurs 
3: Pick Your Side, Bleeding out 
4: Kind Eyes, The fucking chumps 
5: Go thou my song 
6: Oozing Wound, Highway to the green mind 
7: Not Right, This revolutionary is not complete 
8: Cove, Punishment 
9: Iron Reagan, Drop the gun 
10: Ghold, Forged deaf 
11: Where could I find the will to live? 
12: Hedgefund, Weltschmertz 
13: Death Grips, Birds 
14: Gas Up Yr Hearse!, It's wide awake! I'm mourning 
15: Lord Snow, Alas, the world stops spinning 
16: Junior Bruce, The burden 
17: They say there's anarchists over there 
18: Nicoffeine, Ando guerillo 
19: Woolf, You come, you go 
20: Thee Mark Chapman Experience, Absolute zero 
21: Ice, Sea, Dead People, Ultra silence 
22: The Yes Sirs, Rats are here and they're biting 
23: Crass, The gasman cometh 
24: Unholy Majesty, Night of lead 
25: Defender of Stalingrad 
26: No, Shifting clouds 
27: Pissing Contest, Self-destruct 
28: Flipper, Life 
29: Rekombinacje, Function of the mind 
30: Shield Your Eyes, Larkspur 
31: The most direct route to Paris 
32: Slag, S.L.A.G. 
33: Them Wolves, The wild girl of Champagne 
34: Cop, Hard cell 
35: Full Of Hell, Coven of the larynx

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