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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

More mistakes, Podcast #112 (Nov 2014)

"I gotta girlfriend with bows in her hair / And nothing is better than that / ... is it?" Yeah, David Byrne might have a girlfriend with delightful hair adornments etc, but I gotta new podcast to get out.

I'm listening to Mr B's weirdo-funk classic as I post this here podcast and, ladies and gentlemen, it's making me go slightly wibbly wobbly. So, without further ado, I present ... more mistakes! Let me assure you, nothing is better than this ...

1: MC Cullah, Save my soul 
2: Shitfuckingshit, Why not 
3: Mdou Moctar, La super 
4: Azureflux, Eat my chips 
5: Dog Chocolate, Plastic canoe (Power Lunches, London 25/11/14) 
6: Souvenir Driver, Paris 
7: More mistakes 
8: White Knights, Run run baby 
9: Trans Atlantic Rage, Say nothing 
10: Beatman, Íîñ 
11: Fountianairs, Don’t steal my baby 
12: Like the hippocampus 
13: Austin Cesar, In the depths of the ocean is our capitol 
14: Kaba Blob, Mousso djougou fourou 
15: Cocos Lovers, Emily 
16: Porion, Allemagne-Frankreich dub 
17: Chandeliers, Candy apple 
18: Sebastian Melmoth, ? (Windmill, London 5/11/14) 
19: Jahzzar, Forgiven not forgotten 
20: Julius O Araba & His Rhythm Blues, Oluwafuja sawa 
21: Unable to compete 
22: Southern 1779, Cvnt 
23: Max Romeo/The Upsetters, One step forward dub 
24: Pregnant, Buried in the garden 
25: Ultravox, Hiroshima mon amour 
26: Jaan Patterson, In return (you get classics) 
27: Der Plan, Wir warden immer mehr

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