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Monday, 2 February 2015

I can see it in your eyes

Yes, I can see it in your eyes ... you want to read about torture, music, Death Disco and Mojamedou Ould Slahi's Guantanamo diary in another place. Well what are you waiting for? Click the bloody link!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Negative legacy, Podcast #114 (Jan 2015)

Though I've lately been soaking up the sounds of 1994 (the last days of 1994 to be precise, and a slew of drum and bass bashes with wildly entertaining MCing featuring on most of them), I offer here, for your entertainment and education, the first Niluccio on noise podcast of this glittering golden year, 2015.

Excited, eh? No? What's that? You think I've developed a reputation for obscure, unlistenable music, or just plain dull stuff? Oh no, though so. I've got previous. It's my inglorious past catching up with me. My negative legacy ...

1: Artik, Lado 
2: Noisem, Consumed 
3: Owl Brain Atlas, Corporate cock-rock crossover 
4: PAMs, ? (Power Lunches, London 28/1/15) 
5: Discafric Band, Houiou djin nan zon aklumon 
6: I know what you’re thinking, punk 
7: Pustki, Czerwona fala 
8: S.H.I.T., Private lies 
9: Darren J, Last night at Paradise Dec 1994 (extract) 
10: Tappa Zukie, Marching to Zion 
11: Brain F≠, Marathon tops 
12: Rope River Blues Band, Musk 
13: Kerridge, Crack mix 81 
14: The Tornados, Scalping party 
15: Cat Smell, Revenge song 
16: Addis Ababa Song, Well dread version 3 
17: Fetus Christ, Bad friend 
18: Sagat, Satellite 
19: Irene & The Sweet Melodians, Mfana we disco 
20: Negative legacy 
21: Richard Jonas, Space … dude 
22: Ray Peterson & Shorty Rogers’ Orchestra, Fever 
23: A Crooked Pulse, Dark spots 
24: The Very Loud Coma, Hypnagogic 
25: Laurel Aitken, Deliverance will come