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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Negative legacy, Podcast #114 (Jan 2015)

Though I've lately been soaking up the sounds of 1994 (the last days of 1994 to be precise, and a slew of drum and bass bashes with wildly entertaining MCing featuring on most of them), I offer here, for your entertainment and education, the first Niluccio on noise podcast of this glittering golden year, 2015.

Excited, eh? No? What's that? You think I've developed a reputation for obscure, unlistenable music, or just plain dull stuff? Oh no, though so. I've got previous. It's my inglorious past catching up with me. My negative legacy... [link now taken down; leave a comment for a re-up].

1: Artik, Lado 
2: Noisem, Consumed 
3: Owl Brain Atlas, Corporate cock-rock crossover 
4: PAMs, ? (Power Lunches, London 28/1/15) 
5: Discafric Band, Houiou djin nan zon aklumon 
6: I know what you’re thinking, punk 
7: Pustki, Czerwona fala 
8: S.H.I.T., Private lies 
9: Darren J, Last night at Paradise Dec 1994 (extract) 
10: Tappa Zukie, Marching to Zion 
11: Brain F≠, Marathon tops 
12: Rope River Blues Band, Musk 
13: Kerridge, Crack mix 81 
14: The Tornados, Scalping party 
15: Cat Smell, Revenge song 
16: Addis Ababa Song, Well dread version 3 
17: Fetus Christ, Bad friend 
18: Sagat, Satellite 
19: Irene & The Sweet Melodians, Mfana we disco 
20: Negative legacy 
21: Richard Jonas, Space … dude 
22: Ray Peterson & Shorty Rogers’ Orchestra, Fever 
23: A Crooked Pulse, Dark spots 
24: The Very Loud Coma, Hypnagogic 
25: Laurel Aitken, Deliverance will come

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