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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A little boy (Mar 2015) Noisepod #3

So, just when all was quiet, along comes another Noisepod to mess everything up. Oh dear, it was never like this when I was a little boy ...

1: Nicoffeine, Ando guerillo 
2: Voidhammer, First in line 
3: Fetus Christ, Bad friend 
4: Vapid, Bruises 
5: Uncle Sigmund 
6: CP/M, Salt 
7: Gob Of Spit, Chaotic generation of ideas 
8: Countdown To Oblivion, Spray P.E.C. 
9: Ghold, Megson real 
10: Angry Samoans, Stupid jerk 
11: You are the Jews 
12: Countress, Spirits 
13: Slag, Customer bullshit 
14: Pissing Contest, Bad karma 
15: Bloodlet, Something wicked 
16: Baconhanger, Witchcraft in America 
17: When I was a little boy 
18: Perspex Flesh, Eight legged dreams 
19: Shade Circle, Last drop 
20: S.H.I.T., Private lies 
21: Genocide Pact, Menial subsistence 
22: You're Smiling Now ... Demons, J.L.P. 
23: Do you understand? 
24: Negative WorM, Jim Cougar Morrisseycamp 
25: Death Pedals, Turn off the noise 
26: Shield Your Eyes, Good for the soul 
27: Sick Fix, Beyond the map 
28: Bloody Mammals, Creature feature 
29: The identity of Dr Belasco 
30: Defeat, Diabolical of Zion 
31: Homewrecker, Born to suffer 
32: Solid Attitude, Shit business pt 2 
33: God's America, Keep waiting 
34: Liturgy, Ecstatic rite 
35: Thee Mark Chapman Experience, Absolute zero

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Giant Burger Band: can I have extra onions with that?

Giant Burger Band with their greasy, disgusting fare
in Haggerston in east London, 27/3/15

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Nobody reads Bessie Smith when they're down and out

Like a lot of my reading "decisions", I picked up Elaine Feinstein's Bessie Smith for the very good reason that ... er, I'd forgotten to take a book with me to read during my few days in Italy. Downtime, and all that. I didn't even know I had this book. Is it even mine?! 

It's a curious little thing, a super-slender monograph from a poet who probably writes slim volumes of verse. Rather too much of a hagiography for my liking, and also rather too keen on the "she must have been thinking THIS when THIS happened" school of psychological theorising, it's still an enjoyable romp through Smith's tumultuous life. 

It's strongest on Smith's relationships, and altogether lightweight on the actual music (which is mostly seen as a lyrics-based reflection of what she's experiencing in her personal life). That said, one of the best bits in the book is the comment ("infinitely touching") about Smith's Hmmmm-ing on Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out. It's these off-centre, extra-vocalisations that I think often lift blues singing into a special domain (as do some of the weird grunts and vocal ejaculations in reggae and dub). Similarly, I like the way Smith sings "millyunair" for "millionaire" at the beginning of this bitter song and also uses the black American "you" in "Nobody knows you when you down and out". Plus, of course, there's her fantastic growling on several parts of this excellent song.

Anyway, what do I think of Feinstein's book? Ahh, uggh, hmmm, aaah, ugh!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Niluccio on noise versus ... the world

It's all very competitive these days, isn't it? You and them, this team versus that team, Niluccio on noise v Jerry Dammers. No, not really. But then again ...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Their capabilities, Dubpod #9 (Mar 2015)

More dub sounds to knock your rastaman/woman socks off.

Have recently been reading quite a lot about the supposed all-encompassing nature - or near all-encompassing nature - of dub in music, and while - yes, OK - I'm largely inclined to agree, there's nevertheless a slightly contradictory part in my nature which makes me ask: where's the Dennis Bovell mix of  Bolt Thrower, or the Kode9 make-over of Neil Young?

Right, right, both of these probably already exist and I just didn't know about them. Bloody remixology, eh? So no, dub is king. Long live dub. Because of course, its practitioners are fully aware of their capabilities.

1: Jah Lloyd, Victory dub 
2: Jackie Mittoo, Dub cut 
3: Leroy Smart/Aggrovator, How long they keep I down (version) 
4: Sly & Robbie/Prince Jammy, African culture 
5: Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Every time eye ear de dub 
6: History of swearing 
7: Duke Reid, Last train to expo '67 
8: Ossie & The Revolutionary, A big thing (version) 
9: Jo Jo Hookim, Moses dub 
10: Scientist, Round 1 
11: Cornell Campbell, Boxing 
12: To enable the weak to be protected 
13: Max Romeo, Rasta band wagon 
14: Scotty, Jam rock style 
15: Channel One/Barry Brown, Creation version 
16: Augustus Pablo, Up warrika hill 
17: Rip Rig + Panic, Try box out of this box 
18: Erroll Dunkley, Little way different 
19: What are their capabilities? 
20: Jah Woosh, I'm alright 
21: Prince Jazzbo, Every nigga is a winner (part two) 
22: Big Youth, Dread inna Babylon 
23: Niney & The Heptones, Keep on pushing 
24: Johnny Clarke, Stop tribal war 
25: Tristan Palma, How can a man be happy 
26: King Jammy, Jahova (dub) 
27: Memories are all in a our mind

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Currently reading ...

Good review here

It kinda skims the surface of its vast topic rather than explores stuff in detail - a couple of (interesting) pages on Jah Shaka for example - but it's absorbing enough. Not sure about Reaktion books' editing skills though - there are far too many bloody typos. Maybe the book itself needs a remix ...

Pozdro techno

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A deep dream of peace (Feb 2015) #115

Well, I know. It's only been a matter of a few weeks since my last painful 80 minutes of auditory torture. And yes, here I am again with another lot. Oh dear. What have you done to deserve this? Ask yourself?

What do you think? Maybe it's as Adam Phillips says about Freud and the super-ego - that you've come to enjoy your sense of confinement, developed an appetite for "diminishment" and for "unrelenting, unforgiving self-criticism". Yeah, could be. You're being punished by that monstrous super-ego that torments us all. If only you could find ...  a deep dream of peace.

1: Kill Alters, D-20 
2: Hobotek, Respawn 
3: Boddicker, They fix everything 
4: Tvlasunor, La plaie de l’ordre 
5: The KrestArians, Mouth 
6: Abou ben Adhem 
7: Nite Fields, ? (Old Blue Last, London 23/2/15) 
8: Steve Combs, Kill kill kill 
9: The Rope River Blues Band, Night patrol 
10: Shadowed Veil, Samantha 
11: Cedric IM Brooks, Ethiopia 
12: Team Rocket, How many scene points do you have? 
13: Fairytale, Guess I was dreaming 
14: noish, [chs17](Gosssssarrra) -14.Acai 
15: Admas, Bahta’s nightlife 
16: Pezhed, 888 Pt 8 
17: Flux Without Pause, Intersectionality 
18: F.R.A.F., Made of meat 
19: Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys, African Zulu 
20: Expose Your Eyes & Nocturnal Emissions, High Atlas 
21: Life Chain, Troubled life 
22: Syncretic, Drink drink 
23: CP/M, Salt 
24: Sir Coxsone Outernational Sound System, various (Jubilee Hall, London 30/3/86) 
25: Tattered Remnants, Harry 
26: Van Gogh’s Ear, Untitled dream poem 
27: Dirtmusic & MC Jazz, La paix