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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A little boy (Mar 2015) Noisepod #3

So, just when all was quiet, along comes another Noisepod to mess everything up. Oh dear, it was never like this when I was a little boy ...

1: Nicoffeine, Ando guerillo 
2: Voidhammer, First in line 
3: Fetus Christ, Bad friend 
4: Vapid, Bruises 
5: Uncle Sigmund 
6: CP/M, Salt 
7: Gob Of Spit, Chaotic generation of ideas 
8: Countdown To Oblivion, Spray P.E.C. 
9: Ghold, Megson real 
10: Angry Samoans, Stupid jerk 
11: You are the Jews 
12: Countress, Spirits 
13: Slag, Customer bullshit 
14: Pissing Contest, Bad karma 
15: Bloodlet, Something wicked 
16: Baconhanger, Witchcraft in America 
17: When I was a little boy 
18: Perspex Flesh, Eight legged dreams 
19: Shade Circle, Last drop 
20: S.H.I.T., Private lies 
21: Genocide Pact, Menial subsistence 
22: You're Smiling Now ... Demons, J.L.P. 
23: Do you understand? 
24: Negative WorM, Jim Cougar Morrisseycamp 
25: Death Pedals, Turn off the noise 
26: Shield Your Eyes, Good for the soul 
27: Sick Fix, Beyond the map 
28: Bloody Mammals, Creature feature 
29: The identity of Dr Belasco 
30: Defeat, Diabolical of Zion 
31: Homewrecker, Born to suffer 
32: Solid Attitude, Shit business pt 2 
33: God's America, Keep waiting 
34: Liturgy, Ecstatic rite 
35: Thee Mark Chapman Experience, Absolute zero

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