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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Their capabilities, Dubpod #9 (Mar 2015)

More dub sounds to knock your rastaman/woman socks off.

Have recently been reading quite a lot about the supposed all-encompassing nature - or near all-encompassing nature - of dub in music, and while - yes, OK - I'm largely inclined to agree, there's nevertheless a slightly contradictory part in my nature which makes me ask: where's the Dennis Bovell mix of  Bolt Thrower, or the Kode9 make-over of Neil Young?

Right, right, both of these probably already exist and I just didn't know about them. Bloody remixology, eh? So no, dub is king. Long live dub. Because of course, its practitioners are fully aware of their capabilities.

1: Jah Lloyd, Victory dub 
2: Jackie Mittoo, Dub cut 
3: Leroy Smart/Aggrovator, How long they keep I down (version) 
4: Sly & Robbie/Prince Jammy, African culture 
5: Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Every time eye ear de dub 
6: History of swearing 
7: Duke Reid, Last train to expo '67 
8: Ossie & The Revolutionary, A big thing (version) 
9: Jo Jo Hookim, Moses dub 
10: Scientist, Round 1 
11: Cornell Campbell, Boxing 
12: To enable the weak to be protected 
13: Max Romeo, Rasta band wagon 
14: Scotty, Jam rock style 
15: Channel One/Barry Brown, Creation version 
16: Augustus Pablo, Up warrika hill 
17: Rip Rig + Panic, Try box out of this box 
18: Erroll Dunkley, Little way different 
19: What are their capabilities? 
20: Jah Woosh, I'm alright 
21: Prince Jazzbo, Every nigga is a winner (part two) 
22: Big Youth, Dread inna Babylon 
23: Niney & The Heptones, Keep on pushing 
24: Johnny Clarke, Stop tribal war 
25: Tristan Palma, How can a man be happy 
26: King Jammy, Jahova (dub) 
27: Memories are all in a our mind

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