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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Undead dub, Random podcast #1

Random, random, random ... yes, it's a podcast of no fixed abode, shuffling about and looking for ... something.

Having touched on the sensitive topic of Bauhaus' place in musical history in casual conversation recently, one thing led to another and the unhappy result is this 'ere podcast, complete with its dub-ish leanings, its punk-funk mitherings, and its ... er, brace of songs by Bauhaus.

I never quite gave up on Bauhaus. I continued to like them even when those awful Daniel Ash Tones On Tail things rather spoilt the party (she's in ... etc). It's said that Pete Murphy latterly bridles at even the merest suggestion that the band were in any way a goth band, which is a a bit rich coming from his bunch of Bela Lugosi-loving ur-goths, but ... whatever.

Au contraire, I totally dig the over-the-top sepulchral gothery of Bauhaus, not least all those echoes from deep down in the vault. Because, and here's the rub, Bauhaus obviously listened to Lee Perry and King Tubby when they were applying their make-up in their cobweb-fringed mirrors. Yeah, down in the vault something is stirring. It's alive! It's, it's ... Pete Murphy at the controls. Undead, undead. Dub, undead, undead. [Link now taken down; leave a comment for a re-up].

1: Dr Alimantado, Best dressed chicken in town 
2: Bauhaus, Mask 
3: Heart monitor 
4: The Pop Group, Thief of fire 
5: Prefuse 73, Whisper in my ear 
6: ESG, You make no sense 
7: Greek 
8: Winston Clarke, Rise and shine 
9: Killing Joke, O36 
10: EMP-T, Son of satan 
11: Harmony of collective murder 
12: Rip Rig + Panic, Those Eskimo women speak frankly 
13: Liquid Liquid, Optimo 
14: Prince Jazzbo, Mr Harry Skank 
15: Mittimus, Welcome to lab 257 
16: Scars, Horrorshow 
17: Bauhaus, Burning from the inside 
18: Uncle Sigmund 
19: Delta 5, Mind your own business 
20: The Pop Group, She is beyond good and evil 
21: Royal Band De Thies, Guene-gui dek (extract) 
22: James White & The Blacks, White devil 
23: Cut you up 
24: Michigan & Smiley, Nice up the dance

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