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Friday, 1 May 2015

Workers' playtime: Podcasts #116 and #117

Phah! It'll take more than a catastrophic self-inflicted music library disaster to stop me ...

Like a musical phoenix rising from the still-smouldering ashes (or something), Niluccio on noise is back after the great Easter iTunes metldown thingy. And what's more - I'm back with not one but TWO podcasts. That's right. March (In front of the camera) and April (In minute detail) on one May Day double bill. [Links now taken down; leave a comment for re-ups].

Come on! This is revolutionary. So, workers of the world: unite! You've nothing to lose but your eardrums ...

In front of the camera:

1: The Grubby Mitts, To a friend’s house the way is never long 
2: Dog Legs, Cobra snake 
3: Roger Redgate & Matt Wright, SIN BAT 
4: Ampallang Infection, Demolition of men 
5: Fad Gadget, One man’s meat (extended version) 
6: Hipshakes, ? (Power Lunches, London 27/3/15) 
7: Smokey Quartz, Philosophical zombie 
8: Skip James, Jack of diamonds 
9: The person in front of the camera 
10: Manuel Zurria, Lachrimae coactae (by John Dowland) 
11: Shark Dentist, ? (Windmill, London 10/3/15) 
12: Bernie Sizzey, Lady dub 
13: Close Lobsters, Just too bloody stupid 
14: Southern edge of Tibet 
15: Hannes Buder, Requiem for Alexander Litvinenko (edit) 
16: Slideshow Freak, On my mind 
17: Lester Young, Jump Lester jump 
18: English Touring Opera, Wild Man Of The West Indies (Hackney Empire, London 12/3/15)  
19: Coffins, Purgatorial madness 
20: Kevin Hufnagel, Not an accident 
21: Carrie Rodriguez & Tim Easton, Cortez the killer 
22: Malala Yousafzai 
23: King Burnett & The Upsetters, I man free

In minute detail:

1: The Butterflies, Facial appearance 
2: Alphabets Heaven, Everything stays the same 
3: Love L.U.V., Head on the ground (Paper Dress, London 24/4/15) 
4: Scratch & The Upsetters, Dread lion 
5: Longstone, Risaikuru - Onogawa (Soil Machine edit) 
6: Captain Raveman, Freak on 
7: Still Innocent, ? (Windmill, London 13/4/15) 
8: Ramsey Lewis, Don’t it feel good 
9: House Of Cosy Cushions, Black bat dance 
10: Thinking in this way 
11: hhhhhh, The only reason 
12: Generation X, This heat 
13: JJTTSS, 1,000 tropes 
14: Kenny Dorham, Bebop in pastel 
15: Petrels, Winchester Croydon Winchester 
16: Jen Schande, I bring you love (hello children) (demo) 
17: Roland James & Eddie Cash, Little bitty pretty girl 
18: Freschard et al, A little bird told me so (The Pod, Coventry 2/4/15) 
19: Beat Easton, Heaven is a truck 
20: Marsen Jules, Penstla 
21: In minute detail 
22: The Dentists, I had an excellent dream 
23: Clocked Out, Time crystals 
24: Rob Shuttz, Passengers 
25: Sir Lord Comic, Jack of my trade

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