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Monday, 29 June 2015

Boiled ... baked, Noisepod #4 (June 2015)

Thank god another year of that fuck-awful Glastonbury hypathon is done and dusted (crop-dusted). Ugh.

Next year, I imagine the BBC will finally stop sitting on the fence (farmer's five-bar gate) and really get behind this brave little musical festival, possibly devoting BBC2's entire output to it for four solid days, alongside a live blog on the BBC website and numerous "We interrupt this programme"-type bulletins across all major BBC platforms - which we'll obviously need if we're to be kept up to date with when a headline act has been seen coming out of their luxury caravan in their fabulous long-length sparkly-gold wellies ...

Er, yes. Anyway, in other news, which has been boiled and baked for your music satisfaction, here's Noisepod #4. Dedicated to the ghosts of the long-dead hippie counterculture ... [link now taken down; leave a comment for a re-up].

1: Perspex Flesh, Cancer black 
2: Atomic Suplex, Do the suplex 
3: Pissing Contest, Rat race 
4: Siberian Ass Torture, ___ Authority (I don't wanna clean my room) 
5: Mass Grave, President's dick 
6: Deathrite, Infernal void 
7: A surreal sight 
8: Amorous Dialogues, Vimto 
9: Beast As God, Eschatological vision 
10: The Black Dahlia Murder, Rebel without a car 
11: Primitive Man, Unable 
12: Haymaker, Another friend till the end 
13: Supports the church 
14: Flipper, Life is cheap 
15: Vilipend, Fool's gold 
16: Death Grips, Whatever I want (fuck who's watching) 
17: Infect, Sendo fogo 
18: Koranic recitation 
19: Listen Up!, Intro 
20: Roseanne Barrr, No means no Mariah 
21: Masters Of Ear Destruction, Deathrivers 
22: No Negative, Ft. n. cage 
23: Napalm Christ, Idols of evil 
24: How do you like your meat 
25: Sick/Tired, Dried up corpse 
26: Good Throb, You're shit 
27: Music Blues, 91771 
28: Ancient Shores, Omen 
29: Woolf, Patch 
30: I'm coming out 
31: Teddy & The Frat Girls, Clubnite 
32: Coffins, Purgatorial madness

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