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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's our norm (May 2015), Podcast #118

Evidently they're down to their last 500 tickets for Field Day, which kind of begs the question - how many do they actually cram into that godforsaken bit of east London? Poor Victoria Park.

Anyway, bearing in mind Edwyn Collins' spot-on dictum about the truly detestable summer festival, I l'll be giving this £103-per-person hype-fest a well-deserved wide berth.

And at the risk of jumping on the bash-the-hipster bandwagon - which I most decidedly do not want to do - I also think Frankie Boyle scores a few hits with his latest little tirade, not least the notion that bands playing at these bloated over-priced affairs are often just fulfilling a sort of do-the-festivals quota, doing what their managers recommend, chalking the big events up, then a headline slot at Koko, onwards, upwards ...

So yeah, Fuck Field Day! With it's ... "village mentality" (for GOD'S SAKE). No, instead, stay in, turn your puny, undersized computer speakers up, and listen to the latest Niluccio on noise podcast. Everyone who's sensibly followed this sound advice has been of the same opinion. After listening to it, they all say ... it's our norm. [Link now taken down; leave a comment for a re-up].

1: Larvae, Intro 
2: Clotaire 1er, St mich 
3: Black Pus, Blood will run 
4: Ak’chamel, The Giver Of Illness, Potzlom 
5: The Worms, For the last time (Power Lunches, London 25/5/15) 
6: Sugarhill Gang, Rapper’s delight 
7: OOIOO, Jesso testa 
8: Butsenzeller, ? (Windmill, London 5/5/15) 
9: Alex Konadu’s International Band Of Ghana, Asaase asa 
10: Listen Up!, Identity crisis 
11: Junior English, You are lying 
12: Don’t Worry, ? (Power Lunches, London 21/5/15) 
13: It’s our norm 
14: White Hills, In your room 
15: Sidi Touré, La paix 
16: Warm Brains, Too much distance (Power Lunches, London 16/5/15) 
17: Of money laundering 
18: Keith Kazus, Civil civil (убийцы кавер) 
19: Lullabelle, Legend 
20: Graves, ? (Phoenix, Coventry 23/5/15) 
21: Chenard Walcker, Rock ‘n’ roll boy 
22: Dune Witch Trails, White pickets 
23: A Souvenir, XXIII 
24: Das Boots The Chemist, You’re not happy (Power Lunches, London 25/5/15) 
25: Wendell Borton, The worst 
26: Marwood Williams, Sideways

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