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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Down to Texas, Dubpod #10 (June 2015)

Yes brothers and sisters, another dubpod from the Niluccio on noise dub vaults.

This one comes after sampling a bit of reggae at a soundsystem in the (almost) deserted zones of Coventry's ghost-town hinterland.

And now ... we're all coming like a ghost town. Haunted by subsonic bass and the subterranean rumble of the speaker stacks. At least I think that strange moaning noise is the speaker stacks. No, surely not! It's not, it can't be ... it's the dub squid with its deadly outreached tentacles! Coming to ...take us down to Texas ...

1: Keith Hudson, Man from Shooters Hill 
2: Scientist, Mass murder and corruption 
3: Tristan Palma, How can a man be happy 
4: Take you down to Texas 
5: Augustus Pablo, Cassava piece 
6: Tenor Saw, Pumpkin belly 
7: Dub Syndicate, King of sound and blues 
8: Black Hunters, Brillcream (Leo) 
9: Scratch & The Upsetter, Zion blood 
10: Marching all to die 
11: Bob Marley & The Wailers, Dreamland 
12: The Slickers, Nana 
13: Alton & Hortense Ellis, Breakfast in bed 
14: King Tubby, Morpheus special 
15: Wayne Wade, Lord of lord 
16: Pumpkin lips 
17: Trade Winds, Some like it hoth 
18: Prophets/Vivian Jackson, Warn (version) 
19: Prince Far I, Mansion of the mighty 
20: Carol Kalphant & Clint Eastwood, African land 
21: To raise children 
22: King Stitt, Fire corner 
23: Sunn O>>>, Sin nanna 
24: Queen Tiney & The Aggrovators, Natty dread time dub 
25: Sun Shot Band, Evilous things (version)

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