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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Superconductor (June 2015), Podcast #119

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the musical jungle again - reassured that nothing more dangerous than a Tinie Tempah remix was lying in wait - here it comes, snarling, fangs bared, a dangerous panther of a podcast.

Or is it a leopard? Or is it even an animal at all? Er, dunno. It's maybe nothing of the kind. A trick of the jungle light, filtering in through the tangled canopy of massive trees with their dangling creepers and faintly ominous looking exotic plants. Who's to say? We need a guide for these uncharted forests. A musical guide - a ... superconductor! [Link now taken down; leave a comment for a re-up].

1: Robert Logan, Error message 
2: Amorous Dialogues, Party’s over, okeh? 
3: Heat Dust, Let them give up 
4: Vertical Slump, ? (Power Lunches, London 26/6/15) 
5: Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, That’s how I feel 
6: Kid Lib, WolfPack 
7: The set-up 
8: Beast As God, Against a dark background 
9: Long Limbs, ? (Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield 20/6/15) 
10: Future Sauce, We’re the new 
11: Apache Tomcat, Drinking beers and telling lies 
12: Good Old Neon, Math champs, part 1 
13: Prinzhorn Dance School, ? (Tin Music & Arts, Coventry 13/6/15) 
14: Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Stool pigeon 
15: An inscription on the bottom 
16: Kooties, Headhunter 
17: No Form, ? (Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield 20/6/15) 
18: Deller Consort, Strike the viol (Purcell, Olinda) 
19: Umreti Fit, Ubij 
20: Alton & Hortense Ellis, I’ll be waiting 
21: Superconductor 
22: Sauna Youth, ? (Old Baths, London 5/6/15) 
23: The Grand Old Ukes Of Yorkshire, Gangsta’s paradise 
24: Negative Vibes, Oppression Olympics 
25: Der Zirkus Brennt, This is the first thing I saw 
26: Police Drama, ? (Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield 20/6/15) 
27: Lee Rosevere, Alleluia

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