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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cicadas near Hibya Park, Podcast #120 (July 2015)

You're walking along the street, mouthing the words and gesticulating with your hands, swaying backwards and forwards, acting real cool. Yeah, you've got your big headphones on and you're a musical STREET WARRIOR. You cool, dude!

Except, I can hear that tinny stuff leaking out of your nasty red headphones. It's ... dire. Take my advice. Throw away those 'phones and just start listening to the music of the streets. The horns (cars), those high-pitched wails (emergency vehicles) and, of course, the cicadas near Hibya Park ... [link now taken down; leave a comment for a re-up].

1: Die Goldenen Zitronen, If I were a sneaker 
2: Cicadas (near Hibya Park, Tokyo, 28/7/15) 
3: Yoonkee, Bones of Queen Nottingham 
4: DJ Dougernaut, A troop of echoes loses control 
5: The Fangs, ? (Pit Bar, Tokyo 31/7/15) 
6: Janne Nummela, Chanting money 
7: Baconhead, Foreign or domestic 
8: The Moles, We are the moles (part 1) 
9: Public speech (Takadanobaba, Tokyo 29/7/15) 
10: Warstate, Grind discharge massacre 
11: Fisk University Jubilee Quartet, Golden slippers 
12: Tien Dat, Huynh de tuong tan 2 
13: Tense Men, ? (Power Lunches, London 16/7/15) 
14: Ray Rude, Oblique strategies 
15: Teddy & Marge, A good man 
16: Vibronics, Blessed is he (Blessed remix) 
17: Rachel Mason, Nightmare 
18: Hideki Hashimoto, Yuichi Asai, Yumiko Yoshimoto & Toru Shimada, ? (Flying Teapot, Tokyo 30/7/15) 
19: Dixie, One hand dragon pt3 
20: King Khan, The ballad of Lady Godiva 
21: Marie-Claire Alain, Vor deinen thron tret ich (JS Bach) 
22: SJ Mellia, Musicvyle 
23: The Milkshakes, Out of control 
24: Pas Musique, Clara has no clarity 
25: Dubfront, Zion high 
26: Salmo, Eclosion