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Sunday, 20 September 2015

May cause death, Noisepod #5 (Sept 2015)

It's what you leave out that counts in music, or so they say.

Yeah, quite possibly, but this old saw about the virtues of "space" in music gets mighty dull through repetition. Seems to me it's almost impossible to read half a page about dub or reggae without some tiresome space cadet droning on about the value of absence, the what's-not-there, the "_____" in music.

The notion's everywhere. Just this weekend I came across it in a review of The Killers, the film noir adaptation of an Ernest Hemingway short story, the one the self-congratulatory old bullfighter said was probably his story with "more left out of it than anything I ever wrote".

Right, right. Less is more. Fine. Got it. But do please put a sock (empty) in it, I say. No, sometimes we need the opposite. A full-to-the-brim, absolutely-everything-thrown-in sound. Welcome, then, dear half-deaf-already listener, to Noisepod #5. It may cause tinnitus. It may cause total deafness. And, just like those hitmen hunting for the jaded, despondent and semi-suicidal Burt Lancaster in The Killers, it may cause death ...

1: Warstate, Excration 
2: No Form, Side B 
3: Unit Pride, Atoms for peace 
4: Pissing Contest, Muzzle 
5: May cause death 
6: Sham 69, Borstal breakout 
7: Sick/Tired, Dried up corpse 
8: Calories, Every day is a school day 
9: Guilty Parents, Nowt 
10: Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Ghost plains 
11: Lake of fire 
12: Dune Witch Trails, White pickets 
13: Moontrash, Teenagers 
14: Music Blues, 91771 
15: Starkweather, Bitterfrost 
16: Woolf, Jane 
17: Dixie, Massacre madcarne 
18: A most wonderful sight 
19: Larvae,Ruled by the state 
20: Toxin III, Numb 
21: The Guilt Of ..., Election of the severed hand 
22: The Dirtbombs, Vixens in space 
23: Condemn The Infected, Deny existence 
24: Welcome to lab 257 
25: Sunn O>>>, It took the night to believe 
26: A389 Recordings, High fells 
27: Iggy Pop, Bulldozer 
28: Mr Mitch, California girls 
29: Not Right, Balls 
30: Unholy Majesty, Compliance

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