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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

More prisons, more police, Dubpod #11 (Sept 2015)

To judge by some of the people muttering and declaiming away to themselves in the streets these days, there's an awful lot of obscure chatting going on. God knows about what. These people blathering away to their invisible friends via their dangling mobile mics are the modern street crazies. Latter-day village idiots, with their unintelligible ramblings.

But, like those people with mental health problems they so resemble, perhaps these over-talkative 20-somethings on their smartphones are actually ... you know, prophets. Yeah, could be. They're not "talking shit" to their hung-over mates but talking about the Evil One. Cussing the devil. Chanting down Babylon. They've all been listening to Dubpod #11 and they've realised that ... no, actually it's true, we don't need more prisons, more police ...

1: Big Youth, Give praises
2: Johnny Clarke, Stop tribal war dub
3: Moodie, Untouchable dub
4: Barry Brown, It ago dread
5: Tough-minded
6: The Upsetters, Roots train dub
7: Channel One/Barry Brown, Creation version
8: Cornell Campbell, We a boobling dub
9: Al Campbell, One room shack
10: Addis Ababa Song, Well dread version 3
11: Biafra
12: Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Dub it!
13: Chessey Roots, Rambo salute
14: Sir Collins And The Black Diamonds, Black panther
15: Junior English, Sicked & tired
16: Wayne Wade, Lord of lord
17: More prisons, more police
18: Misty In Roots, Viva Zapatta
19: Augustus Pablo, Arabian rock
20: Black Uhuru, Sodom
21: Dennis Alcapone, 1234567 live it up
22: Eek-A-Mouse, Wa-do-dem 12"
23: Par for the course

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