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Friday, 4 September 2015

That lonely, Podcast #121 (Aug 2015)

Well, well, Bob Geldof says he'll take in some refugee families, while Bono's made a pile out of his investment in that glutinous selfie-album, Facebook. You just can't keep these erstwhile Irish punk rockers out of the news, can you?

But hey, we need to know what these people are up to. They're our lifestyle micro-settings, slide-rules that compute where we are in our own lives, ensuring we can re-map our trajectories, pin down our hopes and fears. Reconsider our thwarted ambitions. "Oh, so that's what Geldof's doing now. Right. Right". And so we'll be able to plot the rest of our lives, helpfully jolted into action by that flashback to July 1985, with mental slippages across to Midge Ure on Top Of The Pops miming Vienna, interstitial interference courtesy of fat-cheeked Orson Welles running down deserted noirish Austrian streets in his big overcoat ... zither zither zither ...

Yes, the Geldofs, the Bonos, where would we be without them? Incomplete. Empty. Lonely, even. But not that lonely ...

1: Roger Robinson, Walk with me 
2: Melge, Tape monster 
3: Acre & Filter Dread, Blood artist 
4: Seep, ? (Windmill, London, 17/8/15) 
5: Electrician, The tree line receded 
6: Unit Pride, The choice is yours 
7: CM & Tha Silent Partner, What’s it all for 
8: The Byrds, It’s all over now, baby blue 
9: Vex, Turn off da TV set 
10: suRRism, Abend des nichtes! 
11: That lonely 
12: Bloodgod, Bloodgod 
13: Joey Fourr, Newark wilder 
14: Morwell Unlimited Meets King Tubby, Swing & dub 
15: Map 71, Laced 
16: The Sting-Rays, Come on kid 
17: Kayla Guthrie, Blue 
18: Girls In Love, Fizzle out 
19: Campbell Burnap, St Thomas 
20: Toah Dynamic, Search for arsonists aged 8 
21: Krestovsky, A mile high and circling 
22: Women in Colombia 
23: The Cravats, Precinct 
24: Alan Cuckston, Handel Harpsichord Suite No7, Andante

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