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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Massive career, Podcast #122 (Sept 2015)

This is not a love song sang John Lydon in 1983, and likewise this is not a podcast.

Well, not in the ordinary sense of a "radio show" or something rather elaborate, polished and "produced". No, this is merely another in an interminable line of Niluccio on noise podcasts - none more interesting than the last. They'e all the same! (Though all different).

One thing though must be admitted by all my many listeners. It's increasingly obvious that these seemingly innocuous podcasts could be the start of something significant. They're all leading somewhere, aren't they? This is number 122 and after 121 previous attempts I think this could be the one. The big one. Yes, I feel it in my showbiz veins. This could be the start of my massive career ...

1: Diamond Cuts, Beetlework 
2: Bennett, Bravo, Mehr, Olivera, Traveira, Italiano, Adjetival 
3: Transient, Ain’t no cure for the way you walk 
4: Limbs Bin, Fourth of July 2014 
5: Susto, Vampire (Windmill, London 8/9/15) 
6: Joey Fourr, Newark wilder 
7: Abstrakt, War loops 
8: Sly & Robbie, Shabby attack 
9: Steve Combs & Delta Is, Theme R 
10: Massive career 
11: The Sonics, Walkin’ the dog 
12: Rad Times, Don’t care 
13: Gladstone Anderson All Stars, Supermatic 
14: DSM666, Psicopatia 
15: Gumbel, Killing bosses 
16: Super Lungs, ? (Old Blue Last, 20/9/15) 
17: Ocelote Rojo, Nostalgia 
18: Brown Piss, Intro cheesecake 
19: Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra, In my merry Oldsmobile 
20: I Loved, I Hated, Burying the snake 
21: Mutamassik, Ken in kai 
22: Archers Of Loaf, Strangled by the stereo wire 
23: Sidetracked, Rejuvenate 
24: Yusuke Tsutumi, Hokori 
25: NNY vs Structura, Cybernetics 
26: Hypp Fractal, Vanilla powder

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