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Saturday, 7 November 2015

It was so weird, Podcast #123 (Oct 2015)

In a culture where a Christmas advert for a department store is now an "event", I think it's ... er, kind of obvious that popular culture is DEAD. Then again, it always was.

While self-deluding people from my age group reminisce about how there used to be "good stuff" in the charts in their youth - pretending to themselves that Top Of The Pops from 1979 was wall-to-wall new wave and groovy Donna Summer songs (not Village People, Cliff Richard and Dr Hook) - the sad truth, dear reader, is that dross is a constant in our lives.

Quality will out, they say, but ... it won't. It'll be strangled at birth. Nope, just accept it. We're all suffocating to death with nothing more than a new James Bond film or an Adele song to take our minds off our grimly inevitable fate. Once, long ago, I had a dream that everyone had started liking Alexander Sokurov films and Suckdog music. It was crazy man. It was so weird ...

1: Shy Kids, Terminally in love with you 
2: Mr California And The Mr California Band, My generation 
3: The Black Tambourines, ? (Old Blue Last, London 23/10/15) 
4: Oloff, Love is strange 
5: SPCZ, Decrux 
6: Towel, ? (JT Soar, Nottingham 2/10/15) 
7: The hour of toad 
8: Bricks, Worm no flesh 
9: Rat The Magnificent, ? (Windmill, London 26/10/15) 
10: смерть в летнюю полночь, отчего твоя душа болит, Чайка 
11: Prince Buster’s All Stars, Lion of Judah 
12: The Red Cords, ? (Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham 25/10/15) 
13: Gesaederi, Cries from the child cemetery 
14: Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer, Regardless 
15: Estonian National Opera, Tosca (extract) (Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn 15/10/15) 
16: The Degs, Here they come 
17: Salomé Lego Playset, Seinshuct 
18: Vinnie Paternostro, Vanilla stains the blonde red 
19: Gears, ? (Windmill, London 26/10/15) 
20: Ausgang, Solid glass spine 
21: Grin And Bear It, Rat2 
22: Dave Holland & others, Inception 
23: David Thomas Broughton & Juice, Yorkshire fog 
24: Bellies, Wind your neck in (JT Soar, Nottingham 2/10/15) 
25: Bad Noids, Stop side