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Monday, 21 December 2015

If this brain was destroyed, Podcast #124 (Nov 2015)

When neuroscientists meet at international conferences to deliver their papers, swap notes and have affairs (right side of the brain cheating on the left), they meet in the bar to chat and cool their heels. Sooner or later music comes up and then, suddenly serious, someone will say "Niluccio's brain must be preserved for future generations." "Why?", a junior attendee will inevitably ask. "Because", the rather irritated neurologist with the big Sennheiser phones will say, "we can't afford to lose all that musical knowledge. It must be PRESERVED. At ALL COSTS." Then Sennheiser man will always look upwards, eyes slightly unfocused, a deeply troubled look on his face. "Just think", he will say. "What will be lost if this brain was destroyed ...".

1: Fun Every Friday, Intro 
2: The Rories, Hercules 
3: Joe Biden 
4: Syp, ? (Running Horse, Nottingham 27/11/15) 
5: Paresis, What is love 
6: Venkman, Tony no like 
7: Lungbutter, The Martians aren’t coming 
8: Tod Auf Kredit, Radio unbekannt 
9: Fist Of Fury, Guilty of innocents 
10: The Carbon Manual, Ice sleep (rough mix) 
11: Is/Is, Sideways 
12: xDELOREANx, We must go back to the future 
13: Johnny Osbourne/L.Thompson, Back off (version) 
14: Natural Snow Buildings, Moscow signal 
15: Bad Boyfriends, Don’t talk to her, she’s just the maid 
16: Jarby McCoy, La vérité enfin 
17: MC Lord Of The Flies, The compound eye (Tsetse Redux mix) 
18: If this brain was destroyed 
19: Meatwave, ? (JT Soar, Nottingham 28/11/15) 
20: Andy G Cohen, Don’t you think it’s time? 
21: Callate, Jabba el terrible hut! 
22: R Stevie Moore, Rockets by two 
23: Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus, Glory dawn 
24: Chemos, Raw frat 
25: Sue White, The oggy man 
26: Mind Spiders, Make make make make 
27: Whodiniz, Hiroko kingdom

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